Sunday, August 28, 2016

Alt-right is a revolt against Modernity in Toto!

We have decided to just grow this post as the Cucks and other mental gimps attempt to 'but there is more than one faction' of the Alt-Right ... Nope ... there is but the Legion of us who have NO part in this corrupt debased system, and those who still have liberal commie think infecting their minds.

Now to recap:

What is Alt-Right?

Alt-right is a revolt against economic determinism, individualism and modernity. It promotes the common good over selfish interests with pride. It promotes the tribe, nation and organic whole over the parts which comprise that whole. And it promotes traditional family and social values including opposition to all degeneracy that decreases births. Alt-right places Duty and Honor over Liberty and Freedom as there is NO true freedom that does not involve doing ones DUTY to the FOLK who give one LIFE. That is what Alt-right is about ... and much much more.
We are Legion and we do not now nor shall we ever ask your leave to impose our will. We acknowledge no equality of choice that would allow for such disorder or chaos. We are NOT equals to the common herd who accept PC without a whimper ... their mind is polluted with the less than Good White Man values of the market, the merchant and happiness based on accesses to material goods. These 'values' are the enemies fully and completely having NO part with the future for our Great Folk.
Basically WE do not worship at the idol of Individual Worth ... most persons are worthless as they exist ... they have zero honor, loyalty, courage and shirk duty.
Choice is worthless without wisdom guiding it ... these over grown children's choices are not important enough to be respected by the adults.
The Alt-Right is in the end the Adults putting the PC children to bed permanently.

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