Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why are you 'racist' -- or How dare you defend Whites from PC Multiculture!

Why are you a 'racist' (evil White People)?

First things first: Let's untangle this mess of verbal ambush.
'Racist' is itself a made up word solely intended to force WHITES to comply with communist's demands on race -- just like sexist and other terms are meant to gain compliance from us on other topics.
It is the commie equivalent of Pooh Pooh Head. It has but one purpose and that is to Shame us into accepting Tolerance, Equality and Multiculturalism inside the framework of liberal PC thinking as the ONLY viable rational world view.

All of this is insane since 'equality' and the rest utterly ignore reality and are frankly planks in the Religion of This Year in Humanity -- which itself is a bullshit concept since there is NO 'one humanity'.  Science you say? They lie to keep their funding being nutless eunuchs.

Thus the question could more accurately be phrased: *Why O' free White men are you against being controlled by commies who have harm for you in their mind? Yes why indeed do we reject being Judas Goated to the place of slaughter. O Why indeed?*

For more about who to be FREE of PC and the Harpy Multiculture.

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