Sunday, March 2, 2014

Inflation, other matters, and more ramblings from a madman!

What do you get when you add insanity, observation and modernity: Hell if I know as I just work here!

And for the first part of zero parts: 


                                                   And for the second part of zero parts:


                       And of course NO post is complete without at least ONE diagram!  

People form Land Management Companies, these LMC's help fiance farms, farms band together politically and socially as Farm associations; FA uses clout to form credit union, CU uses credit to further long term goals of people ... repeat.

The Idea here is that if you put people's labor to land and then use those products one has a functioning economy that needs little but effort, and labor on the part of the people on the land in question and ideally can sustain itself from within again all without.

And I ask you plain: Would you rather rule your life or have another that has NO interest in you and yours rule your life? It is just that easy. If you want to rule; then duties must be taken on and sacrifices made. 
  And as always:

 If you are not angry you are one of the thieves!


  1. Why do you even bother? Nobody cares to listen to your reactionary pleas for a return to yesteryear.

    1. You listened? Yes, the SOMEBODY cared to listen or you are NOBODY, son! Yup! Thanks for your time and efforts!

  2. I really like your broadcasts, thanks.

  3. Where does all this come from? Where did you learn all the things you say? What is the source of your ideas? I don't agree or disagree but they are interesting.

    1. Um from my mind. I don't really know as I have basically no schooling. I would say books, idealism, coupled and tempered with reality as it occurs for the working and poor Whites.