Monday, March 17, 2014

Let Us Assume

( Note Video is NOT text read, they really have NO relation, except that they pound on the Poor Man's Drum. Carthago Delenda Est! Liberale Delenda Est! )

And today we delve further into insanity ....

And just to be sure ....

The Current Same Ole Same Ole.
 Above is what you have now: A few at the top are immune to the will of the rest and just lord it over us as if we are serfs. Fact. Theory is Not reality.

Now I propose that something more like this :

A better ideal where the society works as a whole for the good of the whole.

 Notice that above the means the oligarchs have used -- ie the media, courts, industry/commerce, banking, and public education --  are under the direct power of the people, not of some far removed immune 'absentee land lords' that are merely using the 'market' to mark up prices and drain us dry.

The basic ideal is that societies are NOT groups of competing individuals but are organic wholes.   The premise is that the conflict in the system as we see it today is based upon False and Wrong ideals concerning Money, Man and their Relationship.

Men labor so that they can obtain the things they need. If the conditions diagrammed below are meet people can produce their good and services. Notice you need organized labor, resources/land and that is really about it, since capital is REALLY and ONLY a form of resource and NOTHING else at all.  It is a means that man found to get to the ends of Food, Clothing, and Housing.
The key idea behind ALL my economics.
People work on land, and produce primary items such as food, unprocessed items and the like, further work is put into making items into other items until they are either used or exchanged.

Or people have been pauperized by the Oligarchs in diagram #1 above and thus the are not doing well.

If you control the volume of the credit and the rate of interest you get a cut of all the action.

 And the above is the very basic truth about the Bankers Empire over you and you and me and the rest. They get us both ways running because they control our credit and in essence charge us to borrow our own labor from them at interest!  I say that is not rational at all.  And that a system were the imaginary money is issed debt free and backed by our production capacity and not subject to exchange on the 'market'. You see the banks and the market are a two for one deal, and I reject both.

Thanks Again, Best to You.


And as always: If you are not angry you are one of the thieves!


  1. Sticknigger ... Blah Blah Blah (edited by me to reflect the seriousness of this message. ) * again this is a movement clown thinking I am the liberals or some sort of other punk and will allow them to mouth off at me on my own blog! *

    1. This folks is the level of the 'Movement' ... Its a Kindergarten high on Meth.