Monday, March 2, 2015

'Gender Choice' equals insane make believe by any other Name

Iron Law of Creation: Male and female he created them - -and only male and female he created them.

Enter Medical Science, Nihilism, Materialism, and some PC Modernity.

This gender choice mania is based upon the delusion that biological sex and gender are in some way separate, when in fact they are matters of chromosomal differences whereas the modernist idea of gender has absolutely no empirical data to verify it at all--being entirely based upon feelings and subjective states of mind. 

The pushing of this unnatural and sterile way of life is part of the war on traditional values, gender roles, familial, public, private morals and our overall culture.  Hand in hand with this inversion of western values has come the ascent of humanism to pagan God-King like pretensions.

The most startling is the notion that WORDS will paper over empirical reality. From this one flows, among many others, the arrogant notion that we can change human nature with chemicals, surgery, and other mental techniques, such that these cosmetic changes ensure some lasting change to the biological person. Put another way they believe that because we can SAY we can change Males into females and the reverse, that in fact we can do that, when in fact it is all a grand illusion based upon corollary fantasy enabling notion of 'mental gender as distinct from biological sex.' 

Now the Subjective Truth we are required to kowtow towards in our daily life is the absurd notion that:  'There are Males, females, and everything else between if you but believe'.

And believe the misguided and misled souls do, since they are led on by false teachers form cradle to grave to be mindless drones.

But belief or NO:  The reality is, that we can surgically remove a person's sexual anatomy, and give them the outward appearance of the other sex; however, no power on earth will make them a viable part of a natural male and female breeding pair, this too is truth. 

For it is a great Truth of nature, that only Males and females, in a matched opposing set lead to life and the creation of a true family unit with the self perpetuating future.  Male slash male, female slash female parents, and any pairing with a sterile imitation, result in nothing and are doomed to the grave by the end of one generation.  For these pairings create no life to perpetuate themselves and are sterile and empty imitations of nature.

This is because underneath the illusion of transforming gender, nothing has changed at a biological level, and the man remains a man, while the woman remains a woman, both again merely being sterile imitations of naturally occurring Males and females who have had cosmetic and superficial changes made in appearance only and no changes made at the essential level of biology. 

They have not transform into the other gender at all, but have merely become a eunuch caught in between the normal natural sexes.  The reality is that they have nearly given up their natural healthy body for a freakish imitation with the other sexes outward gender traits but having none of its inner essence.  This ensures that they are an outsider to both genders, outside the circle of life, a mockery of the 'transformation' promised. 

This phenomenon of mutilating sick people is fundamentally wrong as it harms sick people to perpetuate the insanely dangerous  illusion that the elite who push this delusion are in fact in control of nature such that they can bend it to their will Whim. 

Thus because these needless operations harm the sick,  enable the enemies of tradition, and encourage further sedition by the degenerates among the Liberal Lumpen, this crazy practice must be opposed and denounced as the insanity that it has become.   They believe in their New Gender nonsense... We Need NOT.   Since frankly pretending to believe what is NOT real is utterly moon bat insane.

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