Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Eternally Empty Cup versus The Over Flowing Chalice?

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Which would you choose?

People emptily pursue, their isolated, and limited lives. Atomized, demoralized, paralyzed. Worked too hard for too little, and then spending what hard earned lucre they have upon base, empty, and emptying, things which simply do not satisfy, or fill the void.

The emptiness springs from the sensation that each has been taught from birth, that they need material things, and meaningless pleasures, which in fact bring them only the desire, to have more. Thus the more they have, the more they need, the more they want, in a never ending cycle.

This need has been conditioned to such an extent that people will trade, all the things worth having in the present and future for needless junk-goods and fad buys right now like dope fiends. They have been conditioned since birth to mindlessly spend until it is blood and tears, they are paying with, for their bobbles and trinkets. Hollowing out the substance to have the appearance.

Thus slowly but surely most people, and this consumer society as a whole, are being emptied of all things worth possessing, in exchange for useless junk which will never ever satisfy the people, at their most basic level. This leads to further attempts to find happiness by ever more absurd wastes of effort and time upon even more outlandish fadish nonsense that does not leave one feeling sated and full.

If we are to change this cycle of needful dependence upon junk, we must break this never ending repetition, by frankly telling them the hard truth about their plight, and thus, triggering such an empathetic emotional response that no amount of trinkets will paper over the true needs of those whom we reach.

We must boldly confront people's false belief, in their needless baseless needs which are purely mindless wants, and break their dependency, upon the false happiness, which the material trinkets bring if fleetingly by exposing them to other options, other ways and means.

We must also provide ways to potential new sources of happiness, well being, and contentment, which sources of joy will be filling rather than emptying, which will bring an expansion of the people's lives rather than a contraction, which will fulfill people's lives and build them up, rather than spoil and tear down lives.

We shall seek out and cultivate happiness inside the man, rather than from without his person.

These new happinesses will be internal ideals not external items, thus the people will be brought from living in a spiritual vacuum to a fulfilled life in which their internal status, will count higher with them, then the material goods, which will be seen merely as means to the ends of life. This is life affirming as opposed to the death affirming nature of the empty nothing world about us. This affirmation of life is possible if we those who oppose the empty promises of the death cult, work loyally towards control over the basic instruments of power.

The first center is in our own soul, then our homes, then our communities.

The communities in our Nation have been reduced to the level of flop-houses for the world, because our leaders, local and national, are Judas goats who have no loyalty to anything but the money which their hidden masters provide.

The community is the family home on a large scale: The home must be cleansed of these betrayers' stench. The community must once, and yet again, be a place of Life that promises something worth living for; it must again become a united whole based the on common good over selfish interests.

If this communal re-alignment of priorities toward life, is to become possible persons loyal to the ideals of life, must gain control over first and foremost the local educational system, then local print and broadcast media, and finally rise to hold economic, social and political sway in the local community as authority figures and leaders, both civic and economic, secular and spiritual. The common persons in these communities must be brought over by early indoctrination of proper values, steady persuasion in the justness of our cause, and the good positive examples of the new leadership, which will all impact positively upon their lives. Then the commons will after seeing the benefits of the Organic Society, willingly abandoned the false cult of materialism and with the fervor of new converts embrace the idealistic values of these leaders.

It is absolutely necessary that people who are loyal to the nation take local power in the community back from these traitors, systemically, silently, and with all dispatch. Then and only then will it be possible for the local means of communication, administration, and taxation to be available to those who are loyal to the nation, and to use these to shape events, to the advantage of our People first and foremost.

These local communities shall be the seed beds from which the nationalist future shall grow. From the bottom up this great rebirth of our nation grow, as a mighty tree.

Understand this: If this local counter-revolution against the PC world's degradation of all we hold dear, does not happen, then materialism's emptiness, will consume everything and all will be lost. Everything that we hold dear, everything that we value will be consumed as our people mindlessly use up the past to pay for a party, that is killing us, as surely as any executioner, and pay every increasing prices to have ever diminishing returns.

For PC is the fad of self-destruction, taken to a society wide level.

A narcissistically suicidal death pact, us to us, that we shall destroy us, in the name of us – Us being the Left Wing Fanatics, who are perfectly willing to sacrifice everything you have, to their false idols of equality, diversity and tolerance. Their weapons are 'white guilt', ' white privilege' and mass third world immigration which all amount to subversion coupled to an invasion.

Thus: It is critical that Loyal Son's of the Soil secure these local communities as economic, social and political units. The entire battle against PC, depends upon being able to provide for ourselves, as persons, families and communities so that we can wrestle PC to the ground and triumph.

Hear this and understand it: We the White Western Peoples are being systemically eliminated, from our own history, lands and more and more mentally, spiritually being castrated to serve as the whipping boys of PC's reformation, of the world as we know, and love it. We must refuse this fate, and resist this foul ending of our great civilization.

We have an absolute duty, and every just right to fight back against PC because it is anti-popular, anti-Nationalist, and anti-Life. It is simply put a death pact, which was forced upon us, which we want no part of and: We are not alone.

There are millions of us that simply have not yet had the courage to stand up publicly for their beliefs, but in their hearts they are with us.

They simply lack a frame work within which to build their ideals into useable tools with which to fight back against the PC media bias, and academic conformity to liberal/egalitarian values.

The material presented is an attempt to give just these folks a frame work upon which to base their thinking, and from which to formulate their thoughts written and spoken so as to provide a 'united front' for Populists, Conservatives, and Nationalists who dissent from PC and want off this train to the Liberal Land of the Dead.

There are quite a few seemingly novel ideas, but we assure you that 'Nothing is New Under the Sun' and we have merely found what was good, and woven it into a tapestry useful to our People's ends. The material is based around the English speaking world, from which liberalism sprang, and into which we were born. But the ideas can be applied to the entire West, from the Urals to Australia. Anywhere people are willing to work hard, this material can be used, to direct that work.

The material presented is based upon the concept that what is founded upon correct principles, grows naturally of its own accord in strength as what has a strong foundation can be built high with confidence.

Our solid foundation, for the nation, is a unique people, who originate in families.

These families, have a home, a hearth, and a heritage. It is these family homes, with the mother father bonding pair acting as the primary parts from which all else springs. Thus Our solid foundation is the man woman dichotomy, and the natural complimentary relationship between them. In this relationship is found life; outside of this is death. We firmly embrace Life for our People, and we just as firmly reject the death cult, that is liberal modernity slash political correctness.

The material presented in the essay is an outline of how we believe our people arrived here, and how we believe they can return to better Lives.

With that as a counterweight to the death cult that surrounds us, we present The Organic Theory of Society, which is a fully illustrated essay, again intended to fill in the past, sketch out the present, and present before the mind's eye a far better vision of the future. The future, not a but the future, worth working hard, and struggling to build. We embrace our history and our people. These are the path that leads unto life.

The Organic Society is life based and life affirming. It is everything this death based cult is not and can never be. Embrace Life.

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B3zfTMw10IXTVjlESk9hWTE2Snc 193 page pdf clean link. A legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC's Death Cult. A plan that leads to life and away from death. The Organic Society is based upon Life, family, home, hearth and heritage. The emptiness is based upon nothing.

Which cup will you choose?

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