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What is being conserved?


True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive, to enjoy the use of Our own land, under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own culture.

The Captive Right of 'Conservatism Inc'(tm) are liberal-PC-Cultural-Marxists whose job is to play act like they stand for the Majority as they in fact sell out the majority 'conservative' citizens to the money bags that fund both the Captive Right and the treason lobby Left.
Hear us our people, and weep for your nation as it has been betrayed. We have been sold for 30 pennies by Judas to the money lenders.

These plutocrats and economic elites have spared no expense to ensure that all 'allowed' or 'respectable' voices are bought by themselves. (This is why Trump has them so worked up as he is NOT bought by them and cannot be trusted to keep their 'arrangements' in place. However back to our narrative. )

The Historical Majority Rightful People of the West are nearly a minority. The Christian values of the west are almost cast down. The lands of the Western Peoples are being invaded and appropriated by foreign hordes of pillaging, raping, culture destroyers.

All this while conservatism inc seems to fiddle among the smoldering tire fires in the streets of the cities which were once the Western lands, like some sort of collective Nero.

Fires meant to burn out the foundations of the West. Fires meant to force us by fear and necessity to submit to PC multiculture and its death cult beliefs derived from Marxism's theories about 'universal humanity'.

Fires started by the direct action of the Left, Captive 'Right' and Big Money that backs both of the wings of the Two party facade called 'democracy' which a farce and a fraud – the Demos – that is the majority historical people – are silenced and keep out of 'archy' – that is power by all means fair and foul.

Fires started by subversives given legal protection by the Left and enabled by the 'conservative' leadership who have long since sold out to the false idols of the Leftist Cult called Multiculture Political Correctness – false leaders who value mammon over main street; money over mom and apple pie – false leaders who are perfectly willing to fall on their face on command from PC, Big Money and the Left's Diversity – and tolerate it as well. Fires, looting, pillaging … and the Captive Right nary utters a whimper and that is because:

The left dictates the morality and the captive 'right' submits. (See: St. MLK)

This statement has been the complete and utter truth since at least the Civil Rights Era – an openly subversive overthrow of Majority society, which put modern America on track for today’s multicultural liberal death cult; an overthrow the Captive Right supports, since as things stand they are enthralled, nay captivated, even cuckolded, to the leftist world view. Their thralldom and treason come as a set. The elite among the Captive Right get money and perks, as well as being physically 'safe' for now from the PC hordes, so thus is their treason explained.

However what is totally beyond us; What We cannot figure out is:

WHAT is conservative about common middle and working class majority citizens playing along with this rigged game in which 'their own side' sells them out to the PC Death Cult?

Frankly the answer about, 'Well it is better then the left/liberals winning', – which we have all heard for decades—is absurd as the Leftist/Internationalist are winning in real time, all day every day and have been winning in a big way for some time now. (Hint: all the 'teams' in play are internationalist teams, thus no matter who wins internationalism wins by default. )
The money supports the Left so the captive right allows the Left to have its way with their 'conservative' base. It is rather like a pimp giving a girl out as a favor, actually.

But be that as it may, the Left has forced the following upon 'conservatives': Diversity, tolerance and political correctness free of question; Affirmative Action as a right; Safe Spaces to plot further subversion against traditional society; Gun Control by many other names; Babylonian transgenderism as normative, healthy and a veritable fact of nature itself; Support from the law and the State as they engage in the degradation of ALL traditional values as a protected and absolute 'right'; Centralized control of Education by which they spread their egalitarian, liberal, lies to the children; Mass Immigration to dilute the majority and to punish us for our white guilt; and last but not least a captive 'conservative' tax base that pays for all the left/centrist subversion of Our ideals, way of life, and biological integrity as a Western People, while they wait two, four and six more years to get all worked up about losing, over and over again...

Maybe honestly assessing reality would be a solution? Maybe leaving the false leaders and quack theories of the captive 'right' for real leadership who care about conserving the Majority People and Our values might be an option? Leaders that do not lie to Us about reality. Leaders with the stones to stand up to PC's fantasy notions about White Guilt, 'Human Equality', Diversity, Tolerance and Oppression. Maybe, just maybe, leaders that OPENLY proclaim that the Majority have unique interests, and an identity and history worthy of being proud of might help us stop acting like whipped curs, huh?

Yes, yes, Hitler, how droll, let the media memes go folks. Just maybe it is time to put down the Hitler as he as nothing to do with modern immigration. That just is NOT cutting the grade... It is the liberal/PC/Cultural-Marxist equivalent of Pooh Pooh Head. We are all, way past that point. Dry those eyes. Now to continue with the process of mental liberation...

It is often claimed that third worlders are more socially conservative but, how does that help us when it is NOT our culture they wish to conserve? Conserving their culture among us helps us Native Born Majority Rightful Americans how exactly?

Assuming this is truth, that the invaders are 'more conservative', the predictable result is still that WE end up minorities in Our Own Lands...

What is conservative about that out come?

How do you conserve a people and their cultural values by allowing them to be degraded and diluted to the point they are destroyed?

Do you all want to be INVADED by foreign hordes that WILL destroy your unique identity or not?

Basically, one cannot bring in huge numbers of totally biologically different people from all corners of the globe and for the most part directly out of the stone age – with the intent purpose which the left shouts daily from the roof tops of creating 'diversity' IE a minority out of the majority – and expect to keep the norms and customs of the proper majority first world citizens among the diverse soup so created. This is not rational. Nor will the former first world citizens so swamped by the third world barbarians, be able to keep the standards of living, material culture or the level of intellectual discourse at anything like its current Western Majority levels.

We all know this, saying the truth out loud will set you free, so again from the top: What is conservative about importing people that will displace your people and your principles in time? Nothing at all is the truthful 100% painful answer. It is in fact suicidal for our Western Nations to import all these third worlders who bring NOTHING except violence, squalor and barbarism. They are of zero value to the Majority Citizens.

Why does anyone tolerate being replaced by barbarian stone age savages?
Same reason conservatives join in calling anyone that objects to the mass immigration invasion, diversity, PC and other Leftist fantasy notions, 'Hitler' 'Racist' and 'Nazi' because Conservatives are ALL terrified of being called names by Liberals and Cultural Marxists... the labels Racist, Nazi and Hater terrify you folks... The Fact is that conservatives need to free their minds from the Left's value judgments and come over to the Nation. We are waiting to embrace our lost brothers and sisters, but only after One has let go of the PC and its death cult mentality. Free yourself from this burden of living up to the enemy's expectations and you will be free to serve the National interest exclusively with no shame.

We think freely of the PC, thus we can say without shame:

True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive to enjoy the use of Our own land, under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own culture. True conservatism is based on a singular Nation in a land, and is NOT universal, at all, but particular and unique. True conservatism starts with conserving the People, their communities and the families which make up said communities. It is about preserving and passing on traditions and culture with pride. It is about keeping what is ours to pass down to our own.

Free your mind from PC and you will be free to Think of your Western Identity.

We think freely of the PC. If you wish to 'know what We think' read the PDF linked in almost all our works – link at end of document.
To sum up our beliefs in a few sentences: The White Western Peoples are under assault by PC and Money Forces which working as a team are importing the third world to break us down into serfs.

That is the long and short of Our beliefs.

It is logical, visually obvious and factual true according to the left's own public pronouncements and the 'right's' own stance upon these issues – To which we propose going back to Family as the foundation of People, and from there simply leaving this multicultural ship, to the end that We the Majority will be our own Ship.

We the Western Majority have NO need of the PC Multiculture.

PC being purely a parasite that lives upon the Western Peoples the same as Marxism lived off the Slav Peoples for its time.

We are far more anti-communist than any of the modern right but also we are community minded and hate this individualist free for all likening it to rats in a flood – vile and base, lacking in honor.

It simply is not natural for humans to operate as little happiness units each preying upon his fellows... Liberalism is a form of War unleashed upon society so that others can reap the $$$ from the chaos.

This war will be ended by us to our advantage and the lies of PC, modernity and liberalism will be cast out from among our living spaces. This will ensure We have control of Our Destiny.

That about sums up our beliefs off the cuff, but feel free to ask questions.

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(This started as replies to a Google plus post. Thank You. )

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