Friday, March 25, 2016

We have to be able to rely on us

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We have to be able to rely on us.

Dependency, is the mother of slavery. Autonomy, is born of sufficiency, upon ourselves. Let these simple sentences sink in; if you do not control what you need, another is master over you. This is true, for us all. With this in mind,

Our attention turns to the fact, that the majority Americans, and their western European cousins, are utterly dependent upon an internationalist rootless cosmopolitan plutocratic oligarchy, who, have no loyalty to our people, and who are paying for both PC with it's mental poisons, and for mass immigration, which is displacement by any other name.
In short the elite of the West are waging mental, spiritual, and economic warfare against the majority European citizens of the West.

Those among the citizens of the west who refuse to be part of the national suicide that is PC coupled with mass immigration, must therefore, make from scratch and by their own efforts the means necessary to become free of any dependency whatsoever, upon the internationalist cosmopolitans.

The citizens, must be able to provide their own food, clothing, housing, and to use these provisions as a stable base from which to build industry, such that they will have control over the necessary items they need to survive.

To do this they must have a strong family and community identity and a 'common good' spirit that will not tolerate PC selfishness or greedy Judas like behaviors.
The citizens will have to fall back upon their historical identity, their historical majority, so that they thus can in autonomy control their historical lands.

For autonomy is born of sufficiency upon one's self. But this cannot be done in the school systems which are under the control of the rootless cosmopolitans, thus that dependency must be broken as well.

The minds of our people particularly our youths must be kept from the clutches of the rootless cosmopolitans and their enablers. Our citizens must become autonomous in their learning and their education, so that their culture, may be kept by them in their own lands.

From here the citizens would be wise, to form their own counter banking system, and thus be free of the rootless cosmopolitans tyranny. The road to this organization is paved by our historical identity, by our loyalty to this identity, and our love for the intangibles which this identity implies. The great fortress of our people is the fact that we have no place to fall back to, and thus our love for this land, will be among our greatest assets.
The cosmopolitan politically correct elite know these to be facts, thus the reason for white guilt, the indoctrination with the nonsense about racism, sexism, homophobia, and the rest of the buzzwords which PC fills people's minds with in order to break down their identity, and weak and their love for their native lands.

It can be ready grasped that while we are dependent upon the international cosmopolitan system for Our provisions, for our education, for our moral instruction, we are slaves, to those who hate our way of life, and who wish to displace and destroy us.

Therefore it behooves the citizens to becoming Morally Autonomous from the PC's world view and to build upon the values of their fathers rather than accept the 'new' values of this degraded age.

This is a great truth: the ultimate root of autonomy from PC lies in being morally autonomous, and determining for, by, and with reference only to ourselves what shall be our moral law and how it shall be applied. It is this control of our group conscience which is the most paramount autonomy that can be gained from the politically correct system. For here is the great power that leads to all other successes against the PC Internationalists.

In point of fact, the power that becoming autonomous from PCs morality accrues to those who are willing to embrace it, is the root of the motivation which will drive the masses to overturn the apple cart of political correctness. Mental spiritual autonomy is the wellspring of all true freedom.

From here we become Our Own Men and from that point We and Not PC write our History again ... We have become able to rely on us. And thus we are able.

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