Monday, July 4, 2016

Dear victimized minority and self haters:

Are you sick and tired of being triggered by (the social construct which is totally just pretend called) White People?  

Does the anger you feel knowing that Whites never made nuffin just eat your spleen? 

Does the very idea of White Privilege cause you to lose sleep, even miss malt liquor drink time?

Are you so worked up about Whitesplaining that you feel the need to be in a more diverse and enriching environment free of the oppression and plain old boredom of Whiteness? 

 Does the guilt you have over being 'white' make you want to be a victim yourself?  

Are you a self hating person that needs more diversity than the First world can provide safely or legally? 

Never fear the answer is here.

You do not have to stay here spinning your tires in the Whiteness.

You can be free of White and its evil micro aggressions. 

There are still places blissfully free of 'Da Ebil White Man(tm)' and his oppressive hygiene, ethics and 'laws', where you can swing free, drunk on banana shine, and high on Khat.  Maximum diversity means maximum enrichment after all.

How, oh how do I get to this magic place you ask?

 First: Go South to the Tropics, or to any Muslim Land My Dear Lad. If the Natives are NOT Oppressively White ... Everything will be magically Haiti alright.

Flee the White and go to the diversity ... bring them tolerance and matriarchy ... surely they will love thee. Find your inner burden.

There are no bars on the windows, you can freely leave the First World.

Yes just leave, at ANY TIME. Then you book one way travel forward into diversity, and simply relocating to the Congo Basin, central Mexico, Angola or any Muslim nation.

Get on that Ship; take a Trip. For those that need the extra enrichment of native activities, we also offer: Darfur -- The One Way Tour -- guaranteed to provide so much in your face diversity and cultural exchange it is impossible not to feel super enriched!  This is so much enrichment there that we suggest building a tolerance,  since it can kill in its straight form -- small doses at first; worm has turned for you man.

No White Racism to inhibit 'free cultural exchanges'. 100% of the diversity with all the tolerance you can stand.Remember: Not all cultural exchanges are equal after all -- Never ever tolerate White's getting in the way of your premium enriching diversity experience.

Second: Stay put and be enriched by all the joyous diversity, till kingdom come.

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