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What is Nationalism?

What is Nationalism?

What The Nationalist

We Nationalists
believe, that Nationalism is a living structure that encompasses an
entire holistic world view, social, economic, and political.

We nationalists
believe, in hierarchy under law, patriarchal sovereignty and orderly
authority, as goods that exist for our best ends.

We nationalists
believe, that inside our nation there is an ordering from highest to
lowest – moral, not merely a material ordering – in that some are
simply more fit for certain tasks and that not everyone is equally
capable, not even in theory.

We nationalists
believe, that Nature was created with Inequality as its basis and
that we must accept that some are simply more fit for some pursuits
than others, but we also accept that inside our nation that
regardless we are a unitary whole Family who will take care of our
own as a Family. The best have a duty to the rest is the simplest
manner in which it may be expressed.

We nationalists
believe, that from this natural familial order comes proper authority
tempered by affections and justice. Thus, Nationalism posits that
from a unique first or ancestral family, comes by natural stages of
growth, a self-aware social, economic and political unit which forms
a whole complete nation.

The nationalists
believes that the family must be sound for the nation to be founded
upon solid lasting and stable foundations for the nation to be well
founded, Nationalism thus takes the family as the unit from which
life comes as there are no living persons who have not a biological
mother and father.

Nationalism affirms
Life by regarding life as a link in a chain that connects present to
the past and future. We nationalists believe in Life and thus We must
reject the sterile individual as the embodiment of death itself. We
believe in family for in family is life. Nationalism accepts that the
family unit comes before any mythical individual.

Nationalism places the
family, child, community and persons in that order of importance at
the center of its thoughts actions and goals. We believe in our
future over any liberal concepts or legal dictum.

We nationalists
believe, that the Father is the center of authority in the family,
the natural provider, defender, and ruler of the family, and that
from his familial power flows the sovereignty of the National
community as a whole family of families.

We believe that the
mother is the foundation of first the people as a whole, and
secondarily a stable lasting home, hearth from which to pass down a
meaningful heritage, which when combined forms the Culture of the

We Nationalists believe
that men and women are simply different in function and that they do
not compete by nature but compliment each other to the mutual
advantage of all in the home, community and nation. We accept this
mystery that produces life itself. A great wonder. We Nationalists
further believe that the natural divided duties and authorities of
the man and women in the home are the basis for all civilized order,
such order being required to rear children with the best chance of
success relative to the survival of the nation.

A nation is not any
random pile of people in a given area, that is a disordered mob. A
nation has a definite boundary and there are those inside and outside
its circle of concern. A nation is a community of families that act
as ONE whole family of families.

Nationalism holds that
each unique nation while similar to others, within its racial
grouping, in some, even many categorically measurable manners are
nevertheless unique and whole unto themselves with their own land
under their own laws. A community of like nations in loose
confederation we believe is the Future which Nationalism will promote
after it becomes the dominate world view in the near term as
globalism forces nations to lager up in self defense against its

It is because of these
Beliefs that we Nationalist state that –

Nationalism values the
natural division of labor between male and female, to the end that
the home and children may be sound and whole. Patriarchal Order is
the basis for ALL sound social order. No other truth is possible.
Thus Feminism and individualism are both cancerous poison which are
killing our kind.

Nationalism promotes the
natural ties family to family such that webs of supporting and strong
communities may result by natural action of affections. All such
‘welfare’ will be reserved for deserving members of Our Nation.
We nationalists see no reason to support outlander people who just
happen to reside in our lands against all justice.

Nationalism openly
proclaims that all economic activity is the result of some human
action. Thus there is no reason to treat the ‘economy’ as some
abstract entity apart from our own actions personally and as an
aggregate. We further affirm that local is superior in every way over
international as We are more loyal to Us than the cosmopolitans are
to Us.

Nationalism will only look
kindly those economic actions which benefit the nation. Economics is
not a magical being separate from society or politics – economic
acts have consequences – There is no right to impoverish the
people for one’s one personal advantage, just as there is NO right
to legislate people into wealth – work not politics creates wealth.
Nor is there any right to destroy the homes or communities of the
People for mere economic advantage. Nationalists open declare the
Nation to be greater than any market, regardless of any other factor
since the People of the Nation are foundation upon which the market
operates. Economics are merely a tool the Nation uses to its best

Nationalism proudly states
that we back and support the Majority Male Working and Middle Class
who are the whipping boy of the modern PC system and who have been
drug behind the feminist cart for far too long. A strong Nation is
based on well employed fathers who can provide for families, without
diversity or any other remnants of liberal PC remaining as stumbling
blocks before them.

Nationalism has no shame
in promoting the common sense idea that any government that does not
serve the nation’s best ends as sketched above must be replaced
with one that does. Nationalists insist that any government that
cannot serve the nation is useless to the National Well Being and
must be replaced by those who can ensure LIFE to the National Body.

the Nationalist Demands from His Community and His Nation

Nationalism demands and
gives loyalty, duty, courage and honor to those that serve in their
station civil and otherwise with dedication, respect, honest and who
frugally use the public resources to the Best ends of the National
Body. Nationalists demand that any government or official live up to
these ideas in his public life. We demand that loyal duty be a part
of each man’s mental domain such that he is driven to courage and
the honor his station befits.

Nationalism is about the
men who have the loyalty and ability being given the means to rule
justly, honestly and with an eye to the best ends of the families who
are cells of the living national body.

Nationalists demand from
these that they do their duty or be held to account, as their failure
is the failure of the nation. There is No magic formula Nationalist
simply accept that flexibility is desirable.

Nationalism is not about
divided loyalties with any outside party what so ever. The
Nation and its institutions is the all in all for the nationalist.
There is NO honor in being disloyal to the Nation – government may
have to be defied at times but the NATION is the ALL in all to all
loyal son’s of the Soil.
Nationalism therefore
demands that any media, corporation, market, business or other groups
or persons be loyal to the Nation or take themselves out of national
domain. Nationalists have zero toleration for subversion of our
traditional way of life by anyone be they carpetbaggers or

Nationalism seeing that
the education of the youth is the future takes a no-nonsense approach
to education. The best for the Best, but some for everyone. For
Primary Schooling: No feelings, all academic figures and traditional
cultural exercises, meant to acclimate the student to their role and
station in the family of families which is the nation. Nationalists
desire to see less waste upon feelings and more over all learning of
the technical mechanical theoretical sort coupled with a solid
introduction to arts, literature and the rest which the more advanced
can pursue in extra curricular pursuits and higher learning which
again will be parceled out on Merit.

Nationalism is the Future
based solidly upon what worked in the Past. Nationalists are
perpetually finding new ways to use old formulas with lasting success
in the day to day life of the Nation.

Nationalism Is The Western
Future – the only belief system that values our future in and of
itself by and for itself!

Nationalism is, in the
end, Family working, to see Family, be well founded!

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