Saturday, July 30, 2016

Relevance for the Nationalist Movement

It comes by remaining outside the Corrupt Party System.

If the nationalist movement wishes to remain relevant, or even perhaps to become relevant, it must differentiate itself fully from the civic patriot parties, and from all liberal approved parties. It must part from them, while using their squabbles to the advantage of the nationalist worldview. It must most of all not make pact with either ‘wing’. Nationalism must remain fixed upon replacing the ruling world view ie the materialist, atheist, deterministic ideals of the liberal/Marxist plutocrats and ruling elite, not upon ‘winning’ in the system they control.

It must be always remembered that the modern world is essentially liberal individualist and hedonist, none of this makes for a fit base upon which to build a stable national edifice. Nationalism being Traditional, Tribal and Ethical, we nationalists simply have no reason to keep the liberal world order from falling. We in fact have every valid reason to see it topple. In the end between us nationalists and the liberal world, there can be no compromise – only one of us can remain – as any compromise only ensures the survival of the infection, this must go to the knife.

The reason is not far to seek: There is no actual ethno-nationalism, which is acceptable to the liberal worldview, just as conversely none of the liberal world, is acceptable to the true nationalist, since they negate each other. One is unique, particular and natural the other universal, pedestrian and artificial.

The conflict is absolute being based in fundamentally different world views: liberalism being based upon its false atomic individuals, and nationalism being based upon the cooperative family unit. One selfish and the other exalting the Common Good. The notion that liberty extends to the right of betraying the people for pennies is farcical, else Judas would be a saint. The atomic individual is a fantasy, no such person has existed in the order of things. And happiness has degenerated into hedonistic weakness, as it always was doomed to do.

The simple reason is that the modern world – liberal, Marxist, and otherwise – is based essentially on the idea that everyone is equal – this is false – and it creates chaos and disorder in its wake. There is no sound basis for asserting equality between any two living beings. There is no equality man to man, man to woman, man to child, woman to woman, woman to child, or any other equality at all. Equality simply does not exist, except as a verbal construction, which acts to destroy real authority.

Nationalism rejects this liberal poisoned cup. Nationalism most especially rejects Internationalism and all kinds of Marxism including its poisoned offspring political correctness (political equality), egalitarianism (equality of outcomes), and feminism(gender equality), because they are antithetical to our traditions, ethics and tribal interests. Each of these death cult tenets are merely the liberal fantasy of ‘equality’ enforced under a ‘tolerant’ anti-Western paradigm, framed in liberal terms.

Political Correctness is a Congo Cannibal Cult in which the infirm of mind, who lack judgment, who are deficient in virtue, honor, and/or courage are given equal say and power over the common fate as the just, loyal, right, brilliant, and honest!

Egalitarianism is ‘equality’ applied to outcomes, social and economic. It is meant to ensure that the least capable, are made to feel to be ‘equal’ to the most capable by making Capacity itself some shameful condition. The best must be keep low, so that all can be equal to the lowest – and since we have cannibals among us this is very low indeed.

You see this ‘equality’ lie is also used to cover up the terrible little fact that the PC Boazian communists have it all wrong – Race is very real and racial differences matter on a continent wide scale.

Simply stated: while Whites can learn Black Culture and to some extent the reverse, not all groups can CREATE HIGH CULTURE like us Whites. ‘Racism’ is just natural success of the better stock in the given conditions – at least when it is attached to the adjective ‘institutional’ or ‘cultural’.

Western Man is simply more capable than the Congo Cannibals, and Marxists have invented the term ‘racism’ and ‘oppression’ to label us Whites as ‘evil’ for our natural successes over the cannibals.

Feminism, which is equality applied to gender, is nothing more than confusion. A chaotic force that has seen our birth rates plummet and our families destroyed as the mothers of the future quest after useless and base trinkets, revealing away the child bearing years to at best have one child after having many men – this is the way to death. There is No nicer or softer way to put it. 3 children per women with one man in a stable home is the only way to life. No other options exist. None.

Nationalism rejects all of this – in toto wishing to keep none of this rotten mess. Nationalist assert that Liberalism in toto is the mother of the modern death cult, called political correctness and for so long as liberalism lives, it will protect the death cult. Thus is must go.
Nationalism knows that historically liberalism birthed Marxist.
Marxism in any form is soul destroying being based itself upon the false individual and the materialist empirical values of liberalism it shares in the failure of liberalism – there is NO equality and thus both systems are equally in error on this point.

And thus since the cosmopolitan worldview of the internationalist traders – a murky and nebulous lot whose only real loyalty is to increased profits – the money bags who fund the current world order are at heart liberal and partake of all the errors of individualist liberalism, their point of view, cannot have any concrete point of contact with nationalism.
Nationalism being based upon the correct premise that family is the foundation of all folk, and it is upon the needs of the living members of this family, which all life affirming values are based. The values which one derives from the needs of this family are local and concrete having nothing in common with the abstract and universal assertions of the death cult. The the needs of this family can be summed up as housing, clothing, food, and the means to protect these. Thus nationalism deals in concrete realities not in abstract rhetorical generalities. And the number one concrete reality that needs hammered home is that Natural reality has rules.

The most simple of those rules are that –
  • There is NO equality in nature only hierarchy.
  • Nature is in fact predicated upon hierarchy.
  • Nature has provided for patriarchy.
  • Hierarchy and Patriarchy are the means to proper functional order.
  • Order is necessary to our survival as civilized beings.

These facts do not evolve with time, nor are they subject to group votes, since they are material facts beyond the power of man to alter. The nationalist movement must relentlessly point out these natural facts remain as the only real baseline reality against which to judge the success of our efforts. There is nothing to gain by appeasing the liberal world order.

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