Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something Old and Something New: Or Two hours of uttery insanity and the lost ramblings of a mind unhinged.

The First I was not going to publish as it is rather ... Well if being at a Biker Club house and having a good time it NOT your thing .. This is NOT for you.

I have had it for a while but I had held it back; however,  I just simple don't care about the 'paradigm' of the so called elite. I reject the Political, Social and Economic system as it exists Now among any actual faction EXCEPT like I say the poor and lower middle class trades and small business types among the Americans that don't need a hyphen and thus what anyone that opposes them thinks is NOT to be considered.  They seem to be fairly receptive to the idea of taking the traitors from power and stopping the few from impoverishing the many.

And  this is old-new: It is much the same today as yesterday .... Think workers/singers/performers that bring WEALTH, goodness, light, learning, and all that happy action that MOST folks would rather be around than Orc Town.

And yes they are LONG. So if you don't have an hour to spend with an utterly insane, loopy, silly, petty, hateful and distasteful person -- all adjectives used by my 'loving' fans -- then you must some cats or perhaps an important date?

Yes it is sure that I am crazy as they come ... but wait there is more .... A whole other hour of subliminal programing by means of colors and shapes and arrows ... oh I mean flipping random pictures ... er .... Crazy talk with more crazy talk talking back to itself ... Norman ... Yes Mother I placed at least 50% more diagrams and pictures and found the effects TOO! Oh Mother it will be joyous  ....

Meanwhile back on the Ranch:

And that is all Folks.

( Edit where I say Cuba I mean Costa Rica ..  I was reading it live and it was stacked like
  Costa Rica
  Rumania  .. And my mind constructed Cuba from that. The error is mine as always. )

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