Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vanity of Vanities and then there is this Guy ... Warning I stopped caring A LONG ways Back!

Disclaimer: I am not MY noble and polished self today, so if harsh 'low technology' words offend you: This will not be for you.

So yeah I was just a bit pained, both physically and mentally: Being cooped for Winter Loops My Fruits. I live to be outside but at a certain temp/RH that = Watery Lungs = Face down coughing up bad bad things and then having to EITHER take poison from RX or brew up nasty horrible home concoction of over the counter Tried and true stuff with Herbal Hill Billy Brew that does work .. but GOD Almighty does Yarrow take F'ing terrible! Oh, was there a point ... how do you lead a fool around the parade ground again?

So yeah, I just do what I do, and if anyone does not like that: Well, God can decide the Right of It. I am willing to place my flesh before judgement, are you? If NOT, then what you think, matter not in the least, and you are NOT the kind I seek, want, wish to associate with, nor know, think about or converse with ... men stand up for what they believe. Right, wrong or otherwise. Other creatures were just born male.

Just in case anyone missed the diagrams.
The basic idea in the rough.
Another way of seeing the rough idea.
Organic Unity creating Wealth as a means to the Greater Goods in Life.

The basic facts of Ecnomics as I see them as they relate to the social/political ideals above.

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