Saturday, January 18, 2014

To the Country or How Not be be thought of like liverworst.

Thing about wrestling with stupid, is stupid never knows it has been bested!   That knife can and has cut both ways; but it is what it is. ;) RIDDLE ME THIS: Why does a 'white' movement nominally write off about 35 million Majority Folk adult voters who live in the urban areas because they are the 'wrong' party (implying the other party is 'right')?

Basically what truck does Nationalist have with Republican or Democrat -- those are FALSE teams designed to divide.  Thus it is high time to stop failing by supporting the GOP and its policies and start picking off the 'socially conservative' ie WORKING CLASS dems, since the GOP lower class have NO place else to go and are Our Natural Captive Base.  The way to this is by formulating an ACTUAL PARTY PROGRAM that has something to offer both the Red and Blue state working and middle classes, while putting it in sharp focus that the elite are treasonous to both at turns.  Yes yes I know liberals, this, that the other ... everyone was something else once .... And then they find the truth.

What else is brown again, and stinks? We all know the answer.


  1. Liberals and conservatives can never work together. Oil and Water don't mix.

    1. That is the point they need NOT 'mix'. They can stay utterly separate. But that does not mean that the lower classes of these 'camps' do not have every interest in working together and the basic things that EVERYONE wants regardless of party affiliations: Safe living areas, good clean safe schools, jobs that pay enough to live, housing, clothing ... and all those little things that people need regardless of party affiliation.