Sunday, January 5, 2014

As the Bowel Movement Packs itself up its own backside

Language Warning: If your children are fragile, this is not for them. If you are fragile ... seek help.

Edit: Biobutanol ...
The Commercial Solvents Corporation was established at the end of World War I; earning distinction as the pioneer producer of acetone and butanol by fermentation processes developed and patented by Dr. Chaim Weizmann. Terre Haute, Indiana was chosen to be the site of CSC's research as this location made possible the expedient translation of new processes from the laboratory and demonstration plant into full production.[1] [2]
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Always Mea Culpa, the Error is all mine. 

Basically: If the Movement is upset refer to Null Loop ie go back to the internet. All other inquires welcome.

For an easier time conceptualizing the basic idea:  ( LMC = Land Management Company. FA= Farming Association.

From the Folk as persons to the Folks around back to the folk as their own Bankers.Rather than the below.
Why are we paying what amounts to Tribute to these scum when OUR labor produces the Wealth?
Organize/Produce/Profit/Cut out Parasites.

And the basic idea of what can be done once the Folk are strong: Then they can branch out and retake our Destiny.


  1. Hey brother,

    The below is a part of something I wrote up for a potential investor/pioneer/homesteader I've been talking with for awhile now. He's got a little bit of money (and a business to sell) and wants to relocate to this area from southern California at some point soon. He's in his mid-30's and unmarried though has a fairly steady girlfriend (that's all I know, we haven't gone much further on that). We'll be meeting for the first time face to face in Feb. or March to talk more in-depth and see where it leads.

    There's also a few other married families (I'm just me, myself and I at this point) here locally that are of a similar mindset and working toward the same goals. As of now only one really has any kind of money already available to contribute to purchasing land (but would need to do it with others due to a lack of sufficient amount alone). On top of these are others that would come on board as things develop. People I trust but aren't of the right mindset now. Too occupied with work, kids and paying bills.

    To be continued ...

    1. To me a cooperative joint effort is the most feasible. It creates its own issues to be overcome though. Trust, reliability, dedication and real individual effort from each involved.
      There are other ideas in getting investment help if and where needed. If done right and by the right people. It's been discussed by some I trust on SF before; those wanting to invest in the right projects (and yes, I do know of some of the potential hazards and pitfalls to think about in any thing like that).
      I don't think this is all the possibilities, but a good amount.
      From a healthy eating/living standpoint you'd want as much of a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds as possible.
      Permaculture/polyculture plant systems/food forests/perennial plant communities where possible.
      Different areas separated for different types of agriculture.
      No til agriculture when and where possible. Layering organic material and mulch (helps with weed control) keeps adding nutrients and keeps soil healthy.
      Understanding companion planting/plant guilds.
      Good crop rotation systems where and when applicable.
      Heirloom variities and seed saving.
      Nitrogen fixing cover crops/green manure and also good nitrogen fixing perennials where and if possible (this one needs more research as it needs knowledge and caution for effective use). An example: best to use natives rather than non-natives.
      Hedgerows as habitats and natural fencing (if native shrubs, bushes and trees. All can possibly have other uses for farm/homestead).
      Rainwater catchment/harvesting systems wherever possible on the buildings and property.
      Greenhouses to extend season and grow starts (gutter systems to catch all rainwater).
      Canning and jarring.
      Root cellars
      Solar Dehydrator
      Solar power systems
      Wind power systems
      Hydro power systems
      Future possibilities with industrial hemp production for a multitude of uses (dependent on laws). Legislation has already been introduced in both Oregon and Washington. Not sure right now what stage their at. I do know that they didn't pass last time around here in Oregon. I believe it's the same in Washington. They only passed medical and recreational use I believe. But not industrial hemp growing. This is a big possibility for income in the future.
      Animal husbandry -- Free-range and organic (some or all of the below).
      Chickens for eggs, meat and manure for composting or "spot/area fertilizing".
      Ducks for same as above.
      Geese for same as above.
      Turkeys for meat.
      Rabbits for meat and manure/ferterlizing.
      Goats for milk, cheese, yogurt and manure for composting or "spot/area fertilizing".
      Beekeeping for pollination, beeswax and honey (mead making too).
      Possible next step would then be small-scale grass fed cattle, bison, sheep and/or pigs (if not grass just as natural food for each animal and healthy as possible). No (or at least very limited use if at all) antibiotics and hormones.
      Possibly aquaponic systems.


    2. My thoughts have always been as little farm-implement/tractor impact on the land as possible. Obviously it's all a matter of scale and at some point there's really not much choice unless you've got a very large number of volunteers and man/women/children power to get everything done that needs done. Even then some things may need a tractor and/or front loader.
      All in all everything above could be done on a very small-scale (say maybe except the cattle, bison, sheep or pigs) until the learning curve was overcome and to figure out what works best and what possible "upsizing" could be done if and when wanted. To me it would be about providing for myself, partners, friends (friends of friends), family, friends of family (a certain circle), and keeping in mind trying to build community for a Nationalist future. More than anything, I think it would just be laying the groundwork for future generations. Obviously surplus would be used with the intent to sell at minimal cost (to friends, family and those not involved in the "circle" so to speak) as possible to cover costs and help keep things going. There would then also need to be a certain amount of surplus above that in order to sell to the "general public" in some way. Farmer's markets, restaraunts, corner stands, whatever can be made to happen.
      We have to start somewhere and be pragmatic in our intitial endeavoring. Bigger and better can follow. From acorns mighty oaks grow and all....

    3. You See Folks: Thoughtful, Intelligent, Replies get full Play! Thanks for your input Brother. I wish you well.

  2. Listened your latest podcast, in fact I'm currently listening to it again. I like what you presented as a plan, though I'll say that it can be further developed. How familiar are you with Scientology? Their strategy of making a spider's web of non-profit organizations has largely helped its survival, even against the Feds, and has helped it in accruing a massive amount of power. Furthering that line of thought, earning NGO status for a non-profit acquires a lot of power. Fortunately enough, getting NGO status once allows one to get more NGOs created.

    I've also been to the UP of Michigan; it's totally doable. I passed through Iron-Mountain, Copper-Harbour, Houghten, etc. and it has all seemed rather prospective (Houghten least so, though). Yet, then their's the matter of acquiring money and equipment, but that's after the initial steps.

    Regarding "barracks living" (which reminds me of Fight Club), an even better structure would be to apply that on a family level. The old model of extended families will always provide greater power and operate more efficiently than the "nuclear family", living in their cookie-cutter suburb. This also provides better atmosphere for socialization. Creating a family-identity and group-loyalty will help prevent subversion of members when not isolated. Of course, once the group is established, an us-vs-them mentality can be cultivated.

    Though, in order to effectively get off the ground, ideology and philosophy needs to be further developed; something that has been left in disrepair for the sake of dressing up or acting out. Only when this is cultivated can a true counter-culture be established, and such a thing does need to be established. Most of the sub-cultures that WNism has now and has had before are complete jokes - utterly bad ones at that. I do see a lot of potential with the "TradYouth" group though, despite their recent emergence. In fact, they've gotten flak for not being the reactionary fools that many onlookers want them to be. Though appeal to target groups can be an issue, especially if something stands at odds with "holy America". I understand that when something sustainable is established, active recruitment shouldn't be a huge priority. Focusing on multiplying unto oneself, especially in a group setting, is more productive. Furthermore, prospects could then be converted based on deed, not word. Yet, recruitment is still a necessity and a desire, so tailoring a message, especially one so foreign, is a chief concern.

    Well, I'm off to bed; night.

    1. Call me weird but I would rather they be LOYAL than able to recite page and verse .... just saying. Loyalty is the key to ALL organizational strength. Are you loyal to a family because of beliefs or because of actions? Just a bit to ponder. Thanks for your input. It is valued.

  3. You are a tool of the jew. In fact you must be a jew to even think like you do. Only jews would want to stop the the leadership from getting the money needed to keep the struggle alive. (edited by me.)

    1. And you are the reason the movement will always fail. No worries keep giving the 'leadership' your money as I am sure they are happy for you to eat Mac and Cheese in a trailer park while they live high on the hog at your expense. No really keep on with it, as anytime now they will 'succeed' in using your donations for another Ski Trip, Hat Collection, Hookers, Gambling or just as a retirement nest egg.

  4. How can you say that the movement has accomplished nothing? They gather money that keeps a radio show going, and keep at least one web forum up and running. That is something after all.