Friday, April 24, 2015

The bankers bailout as equivalent to the IMF third world model

If it looks like a fraud:

The elite who we use America as a base but who have no real loyalty to America, Americans, or American values, traditions and ways, have used the IMF and World Bank to leverage many third world and small countries around the world since world war two. 

The general tactic is to distribute loans that cannot be sustained, fund media at home in America and domestically in the target country that is critical of those who receive the loan and praiseful of those that distributed the loans, then call in loans upon the little people while threatening the government would destabilization if it intervenes, as the IMF and World Bank pillaging the common people of its country.

In the bankers bailout we see the same basic model in play. We have bankers who handed out loans that were mathematically unsustainable and could not be repaid under any circumstances. These bankers then took every penny they humanly could, as well as the real property they held as collateral upon the mathematically certain default of most of the debtors. At the same time the same bankers using influence upon the government through the debt they held and chief positions manned by their loyal cadres, essentially threatened to destabilize the economy.

They then with the help of their media, and regulatory allies heaped the responsibility for the destabilization of the economy upon the government and the borrowers, rather than upon the crooked money lending system that prompted this mess in the first instance.

Lo and Behold: it worked. The proles blamed themselves and each other for living too large(14k and moving on up!). The middle class, denounced the working class on cue. The long suffering 1%, CEO's and Off-shoring-Kings denounced all that opposed them as 'Marxists'. All had a go at 'welfare mothers'.

The Media made sure that anyone and everyone but Plutocratic Usurers, the Free Market and Wall Street were blamed for the mess. 

Academia came full force for the 'bail out' ie hand over of the public credit to Vulture's perching for now on Wall Street. 

And last but surely most critically importantly, the government dutifully to its pay master's whim allowed these usurers to pillage trillions of dollars from the common caste people, and then in the final act of Judas legalized it and made the citizen body as a whole responsible for paying the bill.

Tarp et al. = Protection Racket legalized post de facto by a prostitute 'congress' and rubber stamped by a puppet president.

The difference here is merely one of terminology between the effects of an IMF loan default upon a 'developing country'.

But substantively you have two instances of creditor vultures handing out credit which they knew mathematically could never be repaid to both the common citizens and government. Then they use the power this gives them over the government to force said governmental regulators and legislators to allow them to have their way with the common people, and at the same time force the government to pay them what in effect amounts to tribute. And in the end the creditors gain control of the commoners economy and bleed them as dry as they can. Sound familiar, anyone?

Another 'stunning' similarity is that in all such instances use backroom, secretive, underhanded deals to achieve outcomes that could never be had openly. By ensuring a compliant corporate media, the bankers ensure that everyone is kept as clueless about events as possible until it is far too late to oppose or stop them.

In any instance looting by the Banking Plutocracy, is financed by the Common Majority Citizen. Yes that is right they are expected to foot the bill for their own downward economic projection IE they get to pay more to have less as they pay even more to have even less. It was not apparent to many at the time, but now the common person is starting to feel the austerity -- higher prices, lower wages, and privatization of public goods and services -- as the media tells them that the economy is 'recovering'.

Ring a bell, folks?

It should as the Bankers Bailout model is the New Economy for You and your children. This low wage, low mobility, lowed living standard model is the New Reality that is your slated future.

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