Thursday, April 30, 2015

Attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the irrational.

Read that again: Attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the irrational.

The chaos in Baltimore is a symptom of the majority American population's inner spiritual weakness. It's a manifestation of their self doubt. It is an expression of their apathetic and indolent worldview. Which worldview centers around trinkets and sports games.

Burning, Looting, Murder, Destruction and Chaos: Meanwhile mindlessly like slaves, the same majority mass labors away day and night to pay taxes which support the very chaos which threatens to consume their society, and destroy everything they hold dear -- they pay for ghettos, mass immigration, diversity feminism and political correctness.

Thus by their own hand is the chaos enabled to spread, without end, day after day, and the worker slave drones work day after day to pay to fund more chaos. They work to their own doom. Blindly and loyally.
It is utter madness. It is a once great people literally burning the funeral pyre of their nation one city at a time. Fire, looting, pillaging, and barbarism eat away at the foundations of their civilization, and the drone slaves simply keep working away, while the masters continue lying to the slaves and themselves insisting everything is 100% OK.

It is national schizophrenia. It can be nothing else but a form of insanity. For what rational person can look at these ghettos and the rioting looting and pillaging that happens down there, and wish to claim equality with such as those? The fact is that even in cities where blacks control everything the ghetto blacks blame YT for all their woes. And the media encourages this view, so do the academics, and the uptown yuppie liberals --all of which are full of self hating people, whose actions directly will
lead to the end of our great society and people.

This is my analysis of our national psyche on these riots. 

The fact is is that barbarism cannot be appeased through weakness, since the primitive man knows that what matters is strength and power not right and rationality -- those only have application after one is strong and has the power to impose ones values. 

Savagery cannot be tamed by means of surrender -- for savagery knows no compromise.

Riots cannot be tempered down by means of bribes since all such payments in time have a way of
turning into tribute been based on weakness as they are – and those who pay tribute are subject vassal peoples.

These being true. And the blacks and other minorities being barbarian savages who riot quite often.

It follows that we cannot buy them off; we cannot give them little bits of power here and there; nor can compromise with them; without subjecting ourselves to their whims and losing power over our own lands. 

The loss of control of our own lands is the prelude of a people who are disappearing from history. Thus barbarism must be called barbarism. Savagery must be called savagery. They must be confronted and checked. This behavior must be met with punishments not rewards. With big sticks and not carrots. With spine and not with supplication.We are rightful rulers of these lands and we have no reason to compromise or bandy about terms with these barbarous savages. Anything else is abdication of our right to rule our own lands – leads us back to the fact that attempting to pacify the unreasonable is expecting the rational.

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