Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Long Combined Version

 Just some sound, shapes and music.  The first 1:12 is just some goofing around at about that point the 'lesson' starts.  Read the pictures pause if need be.  None of this is difficult. It all builds from simple steps to what I call The Organic Theory of Society. Some sort of 'unified' theory that explains Man as a gregarious being ( a social being that NEEDS a group not a hermit that chooses one on terms ) is the ONLY game in Town for Nationalism ... it is the ONLY theory that explains .. WHY we are Unique and why we matter. It is the SOLID basis in our MINDS for proper understanding which will lead to correct personal and group action.  ALL other individualist materialist theories posit we are but random matter but OTS posits were are an ordered WHOLE that has a collective teleological purpose which transcends the now and reaches into the past and future.

 For the 2 minute visual audio 'lesson' sans the Chi Rhos and the rest Just Youtube, no worries. I don't play dirty pool like that.

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