Tuesday, April 28, 2015

White Guilt Enables Thug Culture

The Thugs you see looting burning and killing on TV do all they do because of WHITE GUILT!  And it is madness squared!  We are suppose to feel guilty because the minorities live better than they could ever live without us? No I won't.  Since even the very idea is ridiculous.

The idea that us Whites should feel guilty because minority thugs bully us, kill us, rape us, steal from us, and otherwise pillage, loot and rob us, is hateful and absurd. I refuse to draw that water or hew that wood! I decline to be the whipping boy for PC and Multiculturalism's failure to deal with reality.

Thugs act like thugs, then they get dead. Then other thugs burn, loot, rape, kill, and otherwise cause mayhem and I am suppose to feel bad?

No way, it is not happening for you. That is again hateful and only a weak person would even think to go down that path!

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