Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A proper National-State

A proper National-State is on the other hand the Expression of the commons basic character.

Liberal Modernity assumes 'equality' while the Organic Society is predicated upon the natural and truly  UNIQUE history and character of each and every people, and thus unlike liberalism we have NO dogmatic assertions to make about this or that particular, administrative forms or procedures. 

We do not assume that there is ONE universal good form of government as we reject the idea of there being one universal 'humanity'.  What is good for ours is good for Us and Us alone.

Be this how it may, in the Western World the county and department system is mixed with a municipality system, which are established by long useage as the base unit of the political system.

This is a small excerpt for the larger tract -- The Organic Theory of Society, ( the link below) which attempts to answer the larger questions of:
Where do nations come from?

Who makes a nation?

What is a nation?

How to keep and restore a nation?

Why Nations matter?

Who? A family makes a nation.

What? A nation is a family of families.

How? By acting like a proper family, and banding together for the common interest over selfish gain!

Why? Because we all have a family and we all need others to live a proper life.
Where and When? Here and Now. 193 page pdf clean link.  A real legal lawful doable Plan to really be free of PC. A plan that has an actual chance of success.   The PDF is far from polished, we are NOT an academic, and if you see obvious errors please do point out the page and suggested correction, this would help forward the ball.

At any rate:

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