Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Could we stop?

 Can we not?

It is quite heartening, to see the beginnings of the revival of the western people in response to the invasion of their lands by foreign alien hordes.  It brings great joy, to my being to see the people of the west stirring against the politically correct multicultural experiment which has went so woefully awry.

The politically correct establishment in response to this stirring of the people, has doubled down on its racist narrative, as well as on its white guilt routine. The meidia is almost hysterical and the Social Justice Warriors are clutching by instinct when anyone right of center so much as speaks. Good.

We are of the opinion that the time for these weak feeling based games, are at an end, because the politically correct establishment has endangered the people's lives, their homes and their children by these latest actions of willful recklessness.  They will start to more and more play their games alone while the normal people who can be salvaged from the wreckage organize anew.

But not so fast ...

The people rise against an invasion, by savage hordes of foreign outlander persons, and the governments of the west stand to beat the people down, and hold them down, so that the invasion force of the enemy may do maximal damage to their national identity, homes, hearths, and heritage.

This is treason by any name. 

The treason the establishment is uniform and pervasive, with the cucks on the right, and the communists on the left, all paid for by the golden calf in the center.

They act as a team against the evil (socially constructed) White Majority every where they operate AKA in every Western Nation,using, White Guilt,Political Correctness, Multiculture, Tolerance, Diversity and Mass Immigration to force destruction upon the Majority.

The Left we are just going to write off, but the Nominal Right pretends to care about the White Majority while it CUCKS to equality, sodomy, pc and the rest with racial cuckdom at the top of the list.

And fact is that most folks think that:

This Cucking on the nominal GOP right about 'one human race' nonsense is getting tiring. They see it as selling out to the Left -- and more and more they are seeing the Big Money Golden Calf behind the whole operation.

So could we stop pretending that our eyes are lying? Really?

The fact is that Americans -- Real Pre 1964 Americans and their BLOOD kin -- are upset about immigration because it is from BARBARIAN third world nations who are Foreign to our ways and give us NOTHING in return, but genetically dumber citizens. This is not a strength at all.

We would not be upset if they were Germans or Whites of any kind. That is reality. This is because those People are the BLOOD relatives of the Actual Americans that built this once Great Nation.

'Racism' is pure COMMIE talk that CUCKOLDS cuck for the Gold Calf ... Anyone with a mind knows that race is real; that which one is the majority is matters very very much; and that keeping OURS the Dominate Power in North America is the end game.  There is ZERO advantage for WHITE America in becoming part of a great PC melting pot. That is ALL fantasy nonsense predicated upon false concepts about equality. Period.

Sane People accept these realities and do not feel guilty about them.

The rest worship their own death in the form of equality and diversity.

We ask the sane folks: Could We stop and get off this ride?


  1. Hello friend I like your writing where did you come up with some of this stuff it's very thought provoking. I wish I could put pen to paper the things i think of. You have a gift my friend I wish to Know more about you if you don't mind thanks,

    1. It is just my ideas put to paper. I have read a lot of different ideas and they just sort of 'blended' into the essays and diagrams you see here. *shrugs* It is not really more or less complex than that. Thank You for your kind words.