Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Strength is OUR IDENTITY!

Diversity is our strength? How many times have we all heard this line of nonsense? One time is too many times!

Here is reality: Diversity is expensive, dangerous, and brings Zero Advantage to the Historical First World Nation of Peoples. It simply is a sink hole that cost money hand over fist, shames us with bs about guilt and at the same time is robbing our history, and future as we give it control over our present.

It is shameful for this once Great People to cower before names like 'racist' when race is really real, and it really matters being all the difference between Germany and Ghana. It is really that simple.

'Racism' is pure COMMIE talk from the same parasites and culture destroyers that cooked up Tolerance, Diversity, and the insane concept of Mass Immigration as the means of atoning for White Guilt. 

White Guilt and the fear of being called 'racist' and other names by the media, academic and bobbled headed legions of SJW are the engine that power mass immigration, and allow 'diversity' to run riot over our culture, people, history and material interests in the now!

What strength is there in being a cowering weakling that cucks to foreign hordes and allows them to rape your lands, life, and your livelihoods? What exact strength is this?

None. None, at all. That is the exact right, and truthful answer. Diversity is Doom with an 'I'; We are Doomed if we keep 'Diversity. Our Strength is our OUR IDENTITY!  That is our true Strength.

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