Friday, May 1, 2015

Reject and be rejected


or embrace and be embraced: It is simple.

The nationalist movement in North America and in the west more generally is failing dismally. This cannot be denied by any honest observer. The center and right are in full retreat across the entire West. This too is a fact. Tradition is being routed. The family is in collapse. Order itself is coming undone. And yet the nominal Nationalists by and large cannot even have a conservation over fish and bread with the very nations they purport to lead! It would be comic if the hour was not quite so late and the need not quite so pressing.

One of the main reasons among several for this failure is the arrogant highhanded attitude of the movement itself towards the common people. The (vast majority of the partisans of the) movement openly, call the common people, sheep, slaves and serfs on the one hand, but on the other castigates them for not loving and following “the movement's” (IE their own) eccentric and contradictory belief systems fully and without question.

In this regard the movement is more of a spontaneous extemporaneous cult than a well thought out mass movement, and it is this 'goonish' public display coupled with their open contempt for the common people that ensures their ongoing failure. The inability to provide meaningful answers to the day to day questions in life, twinned with the elitist contempt for the masses: this only ensures failure.


Therefore it follows that for nationalist movements to begin to succeed they must bring on a large segment of the common people to their beliefs.

However for this to happen they must formulate their beliefs such that they conform to common experience, and they must also be internally sensible and non-contradictory.

And further since belief informs action, the acts of the Nationalists must be in line with the goals of those principles.


Therefore the most sensible way forward would be to formulate NEW Principles that openly embrace the common people from the family level on up to the nation which is after all a family of families.

These new principals must be presented in the nature of civic-social-economic ideals. To be guidelines upon which to base the outcome of actions social political and economic. Morality Matters. Uniformity of Belief is Crucial.

In short these new principles that will replace the hodgepodge of gibberish that Nationalism presents as 'facts, as well as answer all of the big questions in the people's lives, while lending themselves to flexibility and general applicability. In this way nationalism will go from being hated, and being internally confused, to being well founded upon correct principles and thereupon will find itself a proper loyal base amongst the population. The Nationalist themselves will also go from being buffoons play acting at being 'nobles' to being more or less normal people who do WORK in the SERVICE of their FOLK.

But all of this begins with the nationalist movement purging those elements from the past which have no application in the future; and coming down off the mountain to meet the people in the middle, like proper leaders of Men.


They shall have to journey mentally and spiritually from being highhanded lords, to being proper servants of their people. For the highest nobility is service, and all proper right to rule is based upon the duty to do good for those ruled. This must be the internal light that guides the actions of Nationalism -- The Common Good over Self Interests.

If nationalism externalizes this by (lawful legal, yet useful and 'good')actions, this good will, coupled to proper action based upon right understanding, will in and of itself work to draw to Nationalism the very masses that have scorned them to this point. Life builds upon life, and good upon good.

If nationalism plays the role of the well meaning elder brother, or even paternal father, who has his people's interest at heart then the nation will embrace them and return this affection. As you do so you are judged, is it not so?

If the nationalist speak in terms that people understand,then the masses will comprehend. An adult must find the language to put difficult concepts to those less mature than them, or they are poor stewards of the people.

If they act and live humbly, dutifully, and do what must be done selflessly then people will in time elevate them to do their duty. Since all that 'will to power' are 100% unfit to wield power.

If they lead their own lives' in ways that bring reward and a betterment of, their own families and the to the lives of the commons, then they will have proven themselves to be worthy of their peoples adoration. For who is most worthy of his country's love that he who has made his country strong and who makes his country most strong but he heals them body and soul?

The nationalist movement would do well to remember that Man to Man relations are far more powerful than any money, or economics or any other factor. Like draws to like and blood to blood. 

It is the fact that Nationalism acknowledge these relations, as beginning in the family and expanding out to the greater nation that sets True Nationalism based upon proper first principles apart from liberalism, and communism and all twentieth century out modeled belief systems.


  1. We must always hold ourselves to a higher standard, anything less is unacceptable.

  2. We should never lower our standards to fit others.

    1. Again the Common people Are you and you are them: If they are 'low' so are you. It is very very simple. We Are One: Or there is NO 'we'. Now of course it is sort of ASSUMED that the basic moral qualifications are in place: Don't steal, be industrious, tell the truth, etc.

      Now the failure is in the movements INABILITY to frame issues in terms that normal people care about in the least. It is just that simple when put plain. Real People care about real world things -- always have, always will, and this is just reality. 99% of all humans ever born were just workers that wanted to live, eat, have a mate and do the other simple things that come naturally. This is not 'low' it is in fact NECESSARY for social organization, and hierarchy which are themselves necessary for good order, and just administration.

      To put it another way: Nationalism without a flesh and blood nation is a chimera.