Saturday, August 9, 2014

Association for common cause; Or Blovation on the Netz without Pause?

(video as always IS not exactly the text, they more 'run together' than are one, if you understand. Thanks for your support: The Movement must be overcome so that Modernity can be Met at the Mountain and brought Low. It is a Millstone.)

I have had about as much of the 'Movement' Play acting hour as a sane human can stand. I intend to destroy the 'movement' as such so that something MORE reality based can take its place and ACTUALLY do something of USE to the Nation, rather than blather on about jews, fags, coloreds and other mamba daily to no useful end at all.  Yes I loudly and proudly say that I am NOT with at least 90% of the faux internet based 'movement' who are a running pathetic joke. I am however FULL SQUARE with the WHITE working and middle class folks who make up the Nation of importance to ME. So I give away food and provide a good example ... what to the larper clowns do? Other than make fools of themselves and disgrace their own existence with their impotent 'rallying' in an attempt to summon the long dead ghost of long dead dreams based on fantasy which never was?  The movement talks about nonsense: I talk about food, housing, clothing and families. Who is offering more? That is right: EVERY normal White Person is offering more than the movement which only offers Larperism and escapism coupled with weakness and failure.


  1. What a stupid article ... { other nonsense deleted as Poor Man will not tolerate your MOUTH at his place. Freedom of Speech is overrated. }

    1. Thank You Churl, now run along I heard there is a two for one on Play Actors this week.