Friday, August 29, 2014

Food as a means of social control.

Food is the oldest means employed in civilized societies by the few to ensure control over the many, excepting perhaps main violence, but then without main violence who would allow another to control their food; except maybe modern Americans?

In the early river civilizations we see a small elite of nobles and priest taking control of the storage, planting and distribution of the food wealth that allowed these societies to grow in population and specialization. Money is to a large extent symbolic food. Food the one good and service that must be bought, sold, and made for live to continue: Food must be had! Money on the other hand is an illusion as the picture of the stranded man with gold that he cannot eat so vividly shows those of us that are paying attention. A pocket knife is worth more in a survival situation than all the gold in the world, and food has NO monetary value in a survival situation: NONE!

So here we are in the twenty-first century back to the river civilization, and allowing others to control our food resources. How long before this becomes a millstone, I wonder?  How wise is it to allow those--that is the group of inbreed and intertwined corporations and banks that essentially OWN the USA-- that have already off-shored your jobs, and laiden you with debt, to control your food portions? Am I foolish in thinking that Wal-Mart is not here for the average American in its heart of hearts? I think not.

This being said one form of revolt would be to relearn how to provide for the pot for ourselves. I am thinking that having some potatoes in the window could be not only economic, but political, given that every dollar that corporations do not have is a dollar they cannot use politically against the commonality. It seems so simple: Grow a few pots and containers of food, and save money, and gain some minor amount of food security--this is as far most folks need to take the logic of the matter.

I myself have: Potatoes, tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, sweet peas, bell peppers, onions, and garlic, all going in pots and getting ready to go out after the 21st of March. Of these the potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, and garlic are their own seed stock, meaning you can use the seeds in them as stock or in the case of the bulbs/tubbers plant them whole as seed. It is very easy to do, all you need is any plastic containers, some sort of soil,and water;fertilizers help. Place pots in southward facing window. That is the basics of getting started. Beans are so easy to grow any idiot can grow enough to feed himself, same with potatoes, and tomatoes. In fact if you have potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and garlic you will not starve and will survive decently; and you can have all of these for little effort and save money to boot.

At any rate, I do hope that some of you decide to take your food seriously, as FOOD is paramount.

You will need it three times every day for the rest of your life.  Thus it follows that Food must be secured so that EVERYTHING else can have any meaning.  Dead folk are not very productive folk; and folks that don't control, nor have the knowledge of how to produce, their own food are dead if they displease the master.

That is why I advocate for groups of men banding together to form the nucleus of a new organic social/economic/political model ( to be worked out AFTER the first things are done )

see Here ... basically groups of men band together, pool resources and save up to form legal entities { XYZ self help association } ( legal shield and vetting mechanism ) which will find men that are open to ideas, in need of help, and willing to pull their weight. This entity will save money in legal entities account, while members as persons will find house(s) in rural area to move into in groups ( think jail, barracks or the like and you have the idea). This will help save money, concentrate manpower, and conditions men to art of working as organic whole. These houses will do good works { like farm and provide 'free meals' that sort of thing } in their area to help attract more recruits and or bring over population to neutrality.
Fraternal Org = Association;  LMC = LLC; FA = Farmers Markets/Cooperatives of Markets; Credit Union = Means to greater things than dirt farming.

In the meantime:  The Association will in time use money in the agreed amount of time to buy rural raw land in name of second entity { 123 Farming LLC limited } that will be 'manned' by some fraction of the first men, who will in time move to rural land and with help of Association build farms/industry from the ground.  Then they will work like slaves to produce the foundation upon which to form up, farms and farmers markets, and industry and industrial associations all on the worker-owner model ideally.

Saved money puts people on land and then they labor very very hard, and that produces, housing, food, fiber ( cloth ) and can produce fuel as well ... these can be either used directly, exchanged, or used as raw materials to artifice further products for use or exchange as the case may be.
This will be repeated in targeted rural areas so that groups of these LLC 'farms' will be able to form Cooperatives that favor each other and local business that favors them. These farm/market/cooperatives they are all three at once but from a different aspect will then do two things: Send money back to the mother association, and form up a local association ( charity) to recruit locally.
Notice that all the parts are interlocked and support each other: The Desired Demo supports the FO and LMC originally, then the farms support the LMC, and FO, which both help the Desired Demo, and eventually all this work culminates in a credit union which helps EVERYONE by breaking the back of the usury and making those productive cooperative persons masters of their own destiny.

 And repeat until you have enough persons and skill and savvy to form a Credit Union such that now the 'Association' will have credit power, with which to fund its locals, the LLC's, help those in the targeted areas, purchase papers and radio, and fund local industry growth.

Other than that I have no real ideas at all. 

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