Thursday, August 28, 2014

Foundational Facts

 So to make it plain this follows for EVERY society NO matter the political or economic organization. It is a GENERAL fact that the base holds up the rest. This fact is NOT evadable by nonsense accusations of 'marxism'. Try again: 

No Foundation: No edifice. It is just that simple.

 The fact again is that the nuclear family, division of labor by gender, and hierarchy are the stable basis for society; ANY society. If you destroy these you will destroy society in its total. There is NO other way or truth about it. Nature is NOT a debate club.   Once the Roman Plebes could no longer afford to breed the Roman People were doomed. They were replaced by slaves, dignified with the name 'Roman' but having NOT a drop of the blood or a spark of the genius of the Original Stock ... Don't be a Roman Plebe; Don't become the Proles of History. 

And with that we will leave you with this thought: 

 This pattern was the Roman pattern and it is the one we are repeating as I type. Rage against being a Roman!  There is NO dignity in the grave or the pit or in merely being a memory tossed about two thousand years hence. To stop this you must, band together, end usury, and take control of the political machinery upon which the power of the Oligarachy rests in each of the several nations it has engulfed:

 Basically: If anyone is going to have it over you; why not you? 

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