Saturday, August 9, 2014

I have finally struck it rich!

So I was enriched:

I feel like a million dollars! In fact I am SO lightened by this enrichment that I will have a LOT less work getting my 'wealth' though the eye of that needle. Okay to be straight with you: I was in fact pillaged and my neighborhood was as well by junkies and scum that are an effect of PC modernity and fully to be placed at its feet.  It is sad that a 41 ( I wrote this as a draft BEFORE my B-day and THEN recorded this AFTER I had calmed down about this for a good spell; thus the age 'discrepancy'. ) year old Hillbilly has to look after crime that police pretend is not happening and that old persons should have to be fearful in their own homes while being whittled down by corrupt internationalists and criminal trash at the same time ... SOCIETY has failed in a BIG BIG way, boys and girls.

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