Sunday, August 10, 2014

The periodical recap of things as they stand!

For that periodical recap:

We the Western Peoples live under an oligarchy
This Oligarchy has it over us in all ways:


They control our money, our economy and both our political parties.  And thus they have us enslaved to an internationalist system that is NOT to our long term advantage. I propose that we band together based on an Organic Understanding of Society in which we are bound on to another in a series of interlocking circles something like this:

From this understanding of interconnectedness of one man to his brother I propose that we BUILD farms, factories, and all other things needed for life as a team not as adversaries:

I base all of my thinking on the truth that humans live in groups so that we can eat, be housed and clothed and generally survive:

And the other thing I keep in mind is that the FOUNDATION is the most vital part of any edifice, political or otherwise. And for human society that means stable viable families, on land, laboring to keep the kind strong and virile.

AND TO ENSURE THIS it is my feeling that from this:
And its accomplaning usury, corruption and thefts we need and will go to something more like this:

So that we can keep the Circle going:
We must make the Foundation Stable:
By Outlawing Usury:
But to do so we must band together:

Work really hard to create our own farms, factories, credit and economy generally by our OWN LABORS for our own ends:

Or We shall: Die by the hand of the oligarchy.

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