Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Black Mob Violence -- A lecture about reality.

Mistake Number One: That first mouthy agitator, the boy should have
PUNCHED him in the mouth or even stuck a finger into his mouth and
fish-hooked him. Never play nice with the wildlife and NEVER let them
SURROUND you and get amped up ... Always attack before they can get
consolidated and attack the BIGGEST one first!

Always; it is a must!  At any rate I am sure that there is a lesson
learned here by our foolish protagonist -- yes he lost but he is still
our man.

Now for the other boys and men in the line. In the future. Never allow
them to pack up on you. If they do, immediately escalate the fight by
sticking them, fuck the 'legal consequences' as it is FAR better to be in
prison with the coloreds AFRAID of you then living 'free' and having
them run roughshod over your life at whim! It is better to be judged than
dead or maimed.

This is a true fact.

To stop a group of Orcs:

You WANT BLOOD, PAIN, and SCREAMS OF AGONY FROM ONE OF THE ATTACKERS, preferably the biggest most 'top dog' one, so as to stop ALL threat to your person. KEY CONCEPT Otherwise they will beat, rape, rob, and most likely kill you if they are able and of the mind.

Use what ever you have in your pockets ( keys in the eyes with a
man's weight behind them REALLY do some damage -- will outright punch out an eye ) or what is handy ( Look to Cain here a good solid brick or rock is a good ally indeed! )

When the orc pack is upon you, frankly folks PLAY DIRTY since that is
survival we are talking about here not some school yard fight with good
honorable humans.

Go for the eyes, kidneys, knees, elbows, neck, throat, and groin.

Also orcs have a thing about their shins being VERY sensitive we have seen.

The very fact is that this above is part of a long on going low intensity WAR. The Orcs are the foot soldiers of 'change'.  The PC folks Hope you will tolerate it until its final phase when a pack of orcs is chasing the last of us around the streets like it is Haiti after a slave revolt.

The Liberals, Agitators,Money Backs, Perverts, Subversives and Minorities are at war with YT Old School Americans.

Hint: They did not attack the boy above because of his 'values' or his commitment to free market principles. But because of his Race. His Looks NOT his values were the reason for that encounter -- that is reality.

Oh the enemies of YT pretend it is not so, but their own BULLSHIT concepts like WHITE GUILT and back peddling in calling the above 'youths' in the media, and making up excuses for how good they really are when they are in fact Violent COLORED SAVAGES beguiles that lie!

What the media calls 'racism' is the good sense to NOT be around those folks so as to NOT be a victim of their savagery.  That is the reality about black mob violence.

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