Monday, May 4, 2015

The Parties are no reason to be Joyous.

(For they are not held in your Honor.)

We are encouraged to believe that the parties are opposites fighting it out over differing 'visions' for the future.

In truth ALL 'allowed' or 'major' parties are driving Our Homelands to Diversity and Multiculturalism using PC as a weapon to mentally brow beat us into accepting lower living standards, and Minority Status. The parties are tools of the elite who are pushing Multicult, PC, diversity, tolerance, feminism, sodomy, and the rest of the toxic soup called 'equality'. It is one big race to the bottom of Sodom.
Thus the parties are NOT at war but in fact merely the book ends of the 'allowed' range of dissent – none of which upsets the Elie apple cart in the least. Or if you will they are the team of mules that pulls the Elite PC MC Diversity train-wreck along over your dead body if need be -- literally.   Therefore those that support the parties, support the elite that have subverted those parties, and they support their own subversion by the parties!
We Nationalists do NOT support either party.We Reject the silly notion that being offered the 'choice' bewteen poison (d) or the rope (r) is a real choice -- both end in death.
We reject the entire Modern world view from individualism to legalism – it is all garbage as the Family ( which is the real basis for human society NOT individuals) that grows into a Unique Popular Nation who form a particular State and have laws, and ways fitting to themselves alone is the True Way. The Just Way. The Right and Proper Way. 

We reject their entire premise that 'happiness' is the basis for a lasting Popular National State – Again Father, Mother, Child are objective categories that imply duties, rights and responsibilities toward each other beyond mere money gain or happiness, and these familial bonds encompass any REAL Nation and State, as both are simply expressions of a given people, who are a family or families, each in the homes, around a hearth, hording a heritage.
We dissent from PC and MC precisely because: they undermine the Father; undermine the family; and endanger the Child, home, hearths and heritage of ALL our People – all that makes us Unique PC-MC would strip from us as it shamed us into submission.
We refuse to tolerate and will not accept Minority Status in our own Home Lands, since this is the prelude to our destruction – no people allows ANY other people to occupy, overrun, and dictate terms to them upon their ancestral homelands unless they are weak, pathetic or insane.
And we thus must decline their offer to be 'enriched' by diversity and mass immigration in the lands of our rightful birth – let them stay home and enrich each other there! -- since to do otherwise is to roll over and simply die out and become as though we had never been!
Thus the parties are NOT with Us Nationalists, nor We with them. We have parted ways US and them; they have turned their backs upon Us and seek to replace Us. Verily mass immigration is a new twist on an old idea called 'population transfer' where by an empire uses one subject population to divide and police another who is looked after by yet others – the net effect is that each subject people becomes divided, petty in outlook and weak, while being of use to those that profit from the empire.
The elites seek to do this because a divide commons is an easily ruled commons, while a unified People is not so easy to keep low! That is exactly what we see here. The parties backed by the media and academia who are all backed by the economic elite, support the most degenerate actions and behaviors to destroy our traditions and culture. Also the very same parties backed by the very same economic elite and the 'diverse' voting block are importing the most alien, barbarous, and vile persons into our homelands SO that chaos will ensue because they want an excuse to control Us the Majority further so that MORE immigration and 'diversity' ( sodomites, catamites, and other perverts mainly) can be forced onto our once great national state as it decays into empire decadence.
This is the plan the elite have in mind. If they can make it come to fruition is another matter altogether. They think they have put to bed all opposition and that none remain who know the hard truths that their fantasy liberal beliefs dictate to them.
They have it all wrong.
This is the truth:
Unified societies based on Duty and Honor are stronger than multicultural country clubs based on personal advantage. This is because in a Proper Nation State the bonds person to person are those of familial type. They are based upon proper understanding of ones Duties towards oneself, one's family, one's community and one's Nation; and are understood to END full-stop at the edge of the Nation. ( Not upon $$$ as in fact such behavior is foreign to honorable men. )
Properly Unified National Societies are based upon Unified Families ( Male and Female Life Long Bonding Pairs, and NO other grouping ) which ideally identify with a 'first family' who are the founders of the Nation. Said families form the basis for the People, who through various manifestations are the Nation and the State both being merely ends to ensure the People continue into the future and remember the past.
Thus the Nation is ( ideally) a family of families who posses a unified identity, heritage and history. Their Land is Their HOME. ( Mass Immigration is therefore Home Invasion Foisted upon Our People.)
This all follows naturally from the Normal Male-Female Bonding pair that function to create the chain of Life that is A People. All People come from a Mother and Father and from no other place; therefore ALL Nations come from a Mother and Father and from no other place.
The People are the font of a cultural and value system, they hold a land as their home, and provide life, values, mores, law, heritage, and history to the Nation-State.
These values and norms are them form a Nation IE a People as Sovereign to find the commonality and make a law of the land.
The Nation then erects a State based upon their law and way of life to protect the future of the People against all designs of Nature and Man.
The State being the administrative forms the Nation assumes to give live to its laws, and collective will so as to be able to protect the People which are at the center of all National Concern and ALL proper State Action.
( People = Child; Nation = Mother; State = Father. Children being the Future and reason for the WHOLE operation. )
What do our petty useless lying parties have to offer compared to this?

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