Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Problem with PC

Its theories are grand and its propositions deep, but they lack just one thing to make them complete --

The real issue with PC and its ally theories is that they are predicated upon fantasy notions about magical individuals who are completely 'equal' -- no such device exists.

The entire value system of the modernist collection of allowed beliefs are premised upon an object that simply does not exist-- the perfect individual with NO ties to anyone else and NO duty to anyone but himself, who is also perfectly equal to all other individuals each and every one. 

They require what is impossible and thus are NOT logically possible and what is not possible is not soundly used as a premise -- it must result in a false result. The Failure is inherent in the unsound premises. A theory must be possible to be sound.

The modernist individualist fantasy is not possible because ALL people alive are the result of TWO people mixing flesh and thus ALL people require a group to exist -- no perfect individual has ever existed or will ever exist.

This is the first,only and best objection that ANY Nationalist, traditionalist, or other anti-modernist can make to all materialist, individualists, hedonists, and/or modernist dogmas -- liberalism, communism, feminism being just several among the herd.

A consistent nationalism must have the central belief that national groups are the vehicle of history.  It must firmly adhere to the ideal that what is best for the Whole People is Best over All -- self interest must FIRMLY and openly be denounced as greed and perversion of the better instincts of the kind in open manly defiance of the wrong minded materialist nonsense about happiness.

A solidly based Nationalism must reject the communist and liberal explanations of both nations and individuals as being inadequate and untrue.  In both Communism and Liberalism you just sort of magically have individuals who have 'economic' purpose from nothing -- this is NOT how it actually occurs in nature's realm. 

In Natures Realm families -- Man and Women bonding pairs headed by the man --  create children and this natural order requires that the Man is head and NO other. The man as head and provider works to provide for the women and child. The women stays with the child and home fire, keeping the home and children in order when the man is gone.  The children are raised by mother until they are a certain age then if they are male they go with father. But when their are choices to be made by and for the family FATHER makes them as this is nature's proper order.

The family like the nation state has an economic function in such as a proper economy is concerned SOLELY with the feeding, clothing, and housing of the kind to the end that more of the kind may be produced and those already here can be strong and well founded.

The First Family is the First Economic, Social, Political Unit and serves as the measure of all the others. 

It has a social function as it serves as the means to ensure that the children learn the way's of their own people as the RIGHT and ONLY way. They are essentially tamed to civilization and endowed with culture from the font that is their family.

And it has a political function as its Unequal distribution of rights and duties is the model for ALL well founded stable societies.

The First Family  grows over time into clan, tribe ( insert steps here ) until it becomes a Nation State. It is Patriarchal, Hierarchical and being based upon familial relations Paternal. 

Thus Nationalism must state plainly that nation's are born of a first family -- a first father and a first mother ( at least ideally) - - and are thus a family of families. And that families are Exactly One thing: A Man and Women living together for the purpose of continuing the kind, where the Fraternal power is simply preponderant over the family, society, the economy and politics utterly and by design.

To repeat, in the natural order of things:

Families exist for the good of all as One Unitary Whole.  Families exist because of the Natural Gender Differences and the need to continue the kind.  Family's the male and female bonding pair, exist so that living offspring who will become an integral component of a family can be produced, nurtured, educated in the ways of their people, and thereby ensuring that the history, heritage, and homeland of the nation are preserved.  The Family is the engine that produces the Folk. The Family Order is the Social Order in miniature. The family is Patriarchal, Hierarchical, and based upon respect for Authority with the Man at its head. It is based upon the unequal distribution of duties and rights between males and females, with the purpose that children are produced to ensure the kind is continued.   The Family acts as the standard by which all else is judged.

There is no family of one. There is no nation of one. And in nature no 'individual' exists for more than 20 years.  Thus liberalism and Marxism's obsession with individuals is ill founded, because individuals only exist as a member of a larger family grouping who itself is a member of a larger social grouping, the group is the permanent structure the 'person' just the replacement parts. The People a body and the person a cell.

There is NO economic order that only involves one person.  And it is only when we have a family that any talk of economics' has any applicability at all. 

And it is only once we have proper hierarchy and order that we have families who are properly ordered --the family and the state being a mirror image of each other, the one being a microcosm of the other -- with the father at their head, the mother at the hearth and the children well behaved, there is no such thing as gender equality. This is a Marxist liberal lie, based on a political fantasy.

Men are meant to rule and that deal with those things outside of the home; women are meant to rule the home; and children are meant to be ruled and to accept instruction from both the male and female parent who are their authority figures.  This is the only stable natural normal arrangement for the family.  It is the only proper ordering of power and delegated duties between the genders, and the adults and children.  Anything else is utopian politically correct subversive modernity.

True the liberals, Marxists and feminists will try that nonsense about 'hate' * waves away with swipe of hand *but the reality is that We are simply aware that One will be the Head and NO others. It is just that simple:  genders are NOT social constructs they are BIOLOGY and they have NOT evolved, they  do not experience 'progress' ... All of that is fantasy.

The fact is that as the family as 'progressed' towards the welfare single mother model our society has collapsed.  And thus we have come full circle to the make pretend and utterly reckless nature of all the modernist dogmas.

They attempt to reject reality in favor of theory and that in the end is the problem that will ensure the failure of PC and all its minion dogma's. Reality will not be denied by theory and that is a problem for PC but not for Thee. 

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