Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Threat is already here

Inside Our Very Homes! No walls can save us now!


We hear an awful lot about the 'threat' from Isis, Islam and the rest of the third world lot. They are NOT the actual threat at all, my dear fellow citizens. No, in fact the true threat is our OWN moral emasculation into post-modern relativism. The subversion of our homes by the feminist harpies. The debasement of the voting franchise by allowing the most degenerate and morally inferior an equal say to those with wisdom and moral fiber. It is an absurdity upon its very face; and it fails because failure is inherent in the formula. Multicultural is NO culture. Mass Immigration is an invasion by any other name.  The PC Regime and its attendants are the threats. Islam, Feminism, sodomite empowerment and the rest of the decline of the West are merely symptoms of this internal affliction, brought on by Liberalism's individualist fantasies.

The Fact Is That Men of Action could Materially Address The entire 'Islamic (PC) Problem' as such:

1.) Seal Borders and thus Trap them INSIDE. then round them up for further disposition. In this action a call will be made to the Loyal Son's of the Soil to come to the Aid of the Nation.  Only particular demographics will be appealed to since NOT all are equally Loyal to the Soil.  This is all meant to be one action with the purpose of establishing the manpower base needed to carry out the other points.

2.) Deport Islamics and Outlaw Islam.  Those that will not take this offer will be the gist for (4). Those that offer any resistance will be dealt with severely.

3.) Declare all Muslims and their supporters ( particularly the media and academic pinkos) enemies of the state and proclaim them to be OUTSIDE legal protection.  Encourage Local Unregulated Disposition of Matters in Anyway favorable to those involved.  Any 'protests', looting, rioting or other actions by supporters of barbarism will be meet with precise and exact responses that will ensure there is no fifth column threat to our nation and folk.

4.) Then vigorously apply public and cruel punishments to those that are found to be in hiding that are meet out without appeal or mercy.  This will ensure that a proper information conduit between the population and rulers is supplied -- for without good information, sound action is not possible.

5.) Self-Deportation would be the watch word, after the first 'round'. After which is only necessary to stymie the courts by passing a law removing from their jurisdiction the power to try anyone for any of the above and establishing LOCAL tribunals manned by the SAME people who purged our Nation of the Islamic/PC/Tolerance threat to try themselves.

This is basically what the Spanish did to get rid of the Muslims all those years ago -- and it worked!

Harm, Punish and Push Out -- this is the basic formula for making another group LEAVE your lands.

Any Nancy man nonsense about rights, and 'rule of law(yers)' will result in Muslims flooding into our lands and destroying our way of life.

( To anyone that harps about 'our values' .... 'Our values' are not worth keeping if they result in us living under a Caliphate. )

All of the above is 100% prevented by the current system and paradigm but all of the above is 100% possible in the given paradigm if that paradigm is inverted upon its own head.

Allow me to explain.

The daft system we live under that is importing the barbarism, is controlled nominally at the polls by even more daft females that fear the effects of barbarism -- to the extent the media has not 'sanitized' their wee minds. 

It really comes down to the fact that at some point the Islamics and other third world barbarians are going to chimp a chimp too far, and spook the White women in the ivory towers and media ( who are the brains behind PC soft communism  such as they are) real good.

These will then become Harpy the Harridan and demand action from Whimper the Eunuch-Paycheck-Provider who was formerly known as the White Man and Head of Household, against the problems that same PC enablers brought on themselves.  The above 5 points may seem extreme even to some 'far right' types  (what ever that media mamba means); however, they will be PERFECTLY acceptable to the harpies in the time of the Great Chimp Jihad -- girls are only 'fair' in fiction. In real life, if you are outside their little circle, you are dog-meat.

The harpies will become afraid as Order decays and danger threatens there persons. They will clamor at the useless liberal eunuchs, but what can such pathetic creatures really do in the grand scheme of things?  They will go first to this faction of 'men' try to mitigate the damage and ensure they can take back control once the crisis abates. But this will not work to restore order as these men in name only creatures are weak and pathetic.

Then at last when things are really starting to slide in the fires of Chaos the Harpies will DEMAND that Men ( not people but MALES born with a penis and the correct chromosomes) of Action take action, and these men will demand a Free Hand in dealing with the issues at hand. These men will act and then onto the next phrase which is simply to assume power -- this is the classic decay into imperial model.

Islam and the Colored Hordes will act the part of the barbarian, and the Harpies will play the part of the degenerate population that demands security and the rest.

Wait. The harpies themselves will be Our lever out of PC -- and Islam will be the Fulcrum. PC as such will not survive this transformation.

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