Saturday, May 16, 2015

Organic Social Theory by the Round About.

The Common Man over the Market's Interest! 


The Basic Idea is that Nation-States are based upon A specific People -- One, Unique, Lacking in Nothing -- who provide it with a culture and give it life. This People is based upon Strong Families that have stable homes, hearths and heritage. These families are based upon unequal and divided roles for the Male and Female.

The Man is provider and head of household, the mother maintainer and care giver to the end that the children are raised to become proper members of the People, Well adapted to the National Mores and Culture and Citizens of Body of the State for the Men over a certain age who are also heads of household.

'Education' such as it will exist will be such that is teaches the art of living as part of a Unique and Valuable Folk.

The Family is the basis for all. 

From the necessity of each to do their duty inside the familial circle to make the whole function follows all correct social, economic and political inferences are drawn -- since these are based upon actual created reality, not rationalizations they will be well founded.

This theory is the way unto Life.

As such this theory is squarely set against Liberalism, Marxism and all materialist individualist theories of person, society, economics and politics.  These are all based upon nothing other than sterile and lifeless theory and they produce only death by any other name.

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