Sunday, December 14, 2014

The GOP has betrayed the American People:

 Finally the treason is open!

Finally many will see what I have been saying for decades: Both parties are bought and that 'liberal' and 'conservative' are phoney labels the media uses to sooth the masses feelings after an amnesty!

Don't worry they will say we will elect a CONSERVATIVE ... in 4 years after they have breed about 22 million anchor babies ... and after we import another 4 million refugees from around the world ... and after ... and after ... And ....

It is liberating, when you finally realize that the facade is a lie. That Sarah and Teddy are just actors saying what you want to hear and pitching to your emotions to keep you on the GOP plantation while you are betrayed, misused, and derided, by the ELITE AND LEFT AND RIGHT in turns. Its like Jesus went to the Pharisees looking for legal advice.

It is enlightening when you come to know not think but know that the 'two parties' are not some exclusive White and Black warring camps but rather an integrated gathering of gray clad actoring larpers who collude to your general disadvantage.

The President, Congress, the Courts, the Media, the Academics, the Big Business, many of the small business owners and last but not least the Big Money; these are ALL lined up in the lists against the People of the USA. The Entire Elite and Government are against the People ... They reject US the Lawful Citizens and attempt to exclude us from our own lands by means of Mass Immigration, PC, Tolerance and Diversity!

Now let us put to bed that nonsense about 'everyone that pays the fine and follows the rules' magically becomes 'American'. Nope. That is PC egalitarian nonsense. Liberal mamba. Americans are a mix of Mostly Northern Europeans, with some Southern Europeans, and Eastern Europeans, and the smallest touch of 'Cherokee' ( short hand for 'unknown off white' really) that formed a distinct breeding stock that resembled the European kind – Andy Jackson is the prototypical American stock.

We are an organic people that have a living destiny. We are a people who at the start of the 20th century voted by our Will to enact laws that ensured OUR People and No others remaining a Majority in our lands. Trying to ensure that we would have good jobs, good employment and not have to fight with the coolies of the world for our housing. That we would have clothing and food, not to mention those immeasurables like dignity, pride, and honor. And all this gave us a sense of greater group advancement and accomplishment.

It was only in 1964 after the subversive left gained power over the media and academic curriculum that our nation was flooded by the non-European world. This WAS NOT the popular will of the American Majority and was enacted by pure simple and plain bribery as all Treason among the Anglo-Saxon race has always been brought to 'legalization' – for who dare call it treason when King and Parliament ( Congress and President if you will) put their stamp to it?

It was accompanied by a campaign to make us feel guilty about being a mono-ethnic nation, that campaign is now popularly called PC or Cultural Marxism ... it did not work upon vast segments of the Working and Middle Class ... We have healthy instincts. We reject your nonsense labels and rally to OUR ways! Our People! Our Values!

We are Those people the media mocks as 'hicks' 'rednecks' 'hillbillies' 'yookles' and all the other 10000 put downs, slights and insults the Real Americans endures from the money bag carpet baggers, the leftist egalitarian dogmatists, and the minorities the other two have been importing, and promoting above and beyond our will since 1964. These same united forces have lead the charge against the family, both by divorce and by equating a family to any group of degenerates paying for a legal licence. This internal ( spiritual ) war is to weaken us so that the mental war ( PC ) can ensure the physical war called Mass Immigration over whelms us.

That is only one angle. The 'illegal' part is quite frankly an attempt to replace us in our own nation with a servile dumb population that will work for less and is less able to organize against the Elite – We are just a bit to capable, too smart, too unwilling to believe nonsense about lowering wages bringing prosperity to America! -- they are attempting to as Jefferson warned make us homeless on the continent our fathers conqueored!

So People: What will you and your children have to themselves? Are you willing to allow your child to go without like refugees in their own ancestral lands? Are you willing that others children can have the money and resources your ancestors built up and saved and have preference for those things over you?

If so you are a Dodo bird and you will not be voting.

I will not cower for openly demanding that OUR lands be for our people and their children alone. I am not going to back down because shaming words like 'racism' are used – the assumption is that they left and big money trash are our moral superiors whose words have meaning enough that we should just give up our lands, way of live and future because the r word is coming .... Oh AH. * Mock PC and the rest until they wither! *

Hear me my People: We had then and have now AN ABSOLUTE right to rule our lands as we see fight, without reference to any internationalist principles or cosmopolitan nonsense. And we have the utter right as a Organic Unitary Whole to demand that everyone here respect our will as to how OUR house is to be ordered. Our People are a nation, who have a country and that country is our collective home to order to our WHIM, not anyone else!

If you reject PC, Tolerance, Diversity and Mass Immigration: Just say Diversity is Doom with an I; I am doomed by Diversity! Tolerating your own doom is Dimwitted! Don't be a Tool to PC Reject Diversity! Be Wise Survive; Don't accept Diversity as that is Death with an E! (You get the idea. Mock!)

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