Monday, December 8, 2014

Dependence -- its not just bad when its dope.

What you depend upon; you cannot be free from; thus it holds your independence of action, thought and ultimately controls your reality. From dope to oil:  

If you allow yourself to be dependent (particularly upon anything with NO care for your well-being or concern for your person) you give up your Independence 
(and you risk your life as well) -- Simple as that.

Since what is dependent is inferior to what holds them in dependence. Dependence negates Independence! One cannot exist if the other is allowed sway.

Dependence is a leash that attaches you to the post of those that control the flow of the things you come to depended upon in the natural order of things -- particularly when those you depend upon are NOT loyal to you and yours in the least and learn to use this dependency to their advantage.

Thus depending upon your kin and friends not so bad of an idea; depending upon 'the world' equals Mother of Fubar ideas.  See: American Middle Eastern Policy.

Now ask and answer these questions if you will to yourself:

If we are depending upon others in China(manufactured goods), in what way are we free of those people in China?

 If we are depending upon Vietnamese Communist(shoes, clothes other sweatshop products) in what way are we free of them?  

If we are wrapped up in the usurers web of debts and credits( do I even have to start beating that drum? Really?), in what exact way are we free of their debt based games? 

If we are dependent upon Import-Mart and Copra-Mart for food, and Cosmo-Mart for junk and all these are owned by a small click of people, in what way are we free of those people? 
Now to ask the final question: In what real way are we free at all if we are dependent upon all these communists, Asiatics, money grubbers and low wage emporiums? 

The answer is that you are not independent and that YOU, are like 99% of the rest of us and bottom up in the water. Bobbing like a cork in denial that all has went wrong.  Yup.  I am on this deck with the rest of you.

The reality is that WE, as a whole nation are rapidly going down into servitude. Does anyone but the pie in the sky club deny this? 'Our' power is largely an illusion and one that is highly misused and over costly.

And the most painful and yet totally factual reality is that the US has been sold out to internationalist interests, by fifth columnists, among our elite, media and academia, that care more about Money and ROI, as well as their own temporary power over others, then Nation and Home or long lasting stable existence of our kind. ( We will be like the UK before us, bleed dry and then tossed while the usurers, rentiers, and corporations just relocate and set up a new and fresh doing business under new names. )

The answer to the million dollar, 'what is to be done riddle' is to depend only upon those that are LOYAL to the interests that you are loyal too, starting with yourself; branch out into your family; then the neighbors; and you get the idea. Work on making yourself a stable pillar that can hold up the duties you will need to shoulder if you are to be truly free, you must carry your weight. There is no other truth.

Therefore it seems wise to help yourself become more able to help those like yourself; so that they can become more able, and keep the outward cycle rolling.

Find something useful to securing food, clothing or land( every other natural resource including 'acreage' that is not food or clothing, really) and stick with it until it pans out or leads to greater more useful things. Find many things. Stick with it until you make it work.  Unify and rally around your commonality. Work from the center out beginning with you. Grow in silence and simply try to first find way to need less. Buy simple; make from scratch; buy as little as needed. Try to use some of those purchases towards hobbies, or even part time work that teaches you independence in at least some small way -- being able to sew means being able to make your own clothes if you can get cloth; being able to spin cloth means having cloth if you can grow { cotton, flax, hemp, new Zealand hemp, manila hemp, .... etc }; therefore if you can grow flax you can ultimately make your own clothes independent of all others ... ideally.  Simple stuff really.

Now for the nay saying nannies. You learned to walk and ride a bike by  ... falling a bunch of times until you got it correct. What is the difference between those learned actions and these learned actions? None. That is correct. My reckoning is that most of us will learn these things by trial and error because ... that is the tired and true method and since your ancestors did all the above and more in much worse conditions with a lot less potential mechanical help, so can you, of that fact I am certain.  I would advise using this time remaining before the ship lists, to learn about manning the life boat with skill. Just saying.

Audio same theme slightly different wording.

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