Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Legal is just as bad as illegal

– it is the displacement not the legality that is the Issue! 

 Legal or illegal are Lawyers trifles: We Don't care if they are 'legal' we care that they are taking our place in Our Own Homelands! That is the Issue, not trivial lawyer word play!

Mass Immigration is the Death of Nations, and the birth of bastard countries based upon nothing but money and selfish gain … IE based on nothing at all.  ( A Proper Nation is based upon  ONE People in ONE land, under ONE Law, with One Way of Life, living by the lights of ONE culture! Multi cultural is just short hand for NO culture and a hodgepodge of alien persons pretending to be a proper nation. )

Thus let us set aside that PC weak kneed nonsense about 'legal vs illegal immigration', as if the 'legals' will magically just become part of our Nation and People after paying their entry fee to DC and are better than the Illegals ... They are NOT one bit better because the simple fact is that it does not matter if my people are displaced by illegal or legal immigrants only that they are being displaced at all. That is the key matter of focus. Why?

Why because MY people the American Majority people Made the state called the United States of America in the image of our nation and of NO other!  ( If you are English, or German or Swiss ... Just substitute, and the idea applies just as readily! Reject PC 'history'! )

If we, the Majority Population go the land mass remains but 'America' is gone with us! All of the wealth, creativity, and greatness: That was us, not some paper, or land mass, but only and merely US. That is the fact of the matter. We made this, it is OURS and OURS alone, and We have NO reason to 'share' with barbarians that are simply tearing down what our ancestors built up with such care.

We the Majority Americans are the, Body, Heart and Soul of America and the PC Rainbow 'America' is a feverish fantasy that is more akin to a trading post slash brothel than a Nation.

If you replace us with third world immigrants you get third world Country that will be more like Liberia, or Laos, or Lebanon than America. All THIRD WORLD immigration of any kind is unacceptable as those savages are both alien and a burden upon my Nation. 

They have NO reason to be here among us being only a net loss and a destructive element among our ranks.  They are NOT in any way a 'benefit', nor do they enrich any but the very few who hire them while putting Lawful Majority Citizens out of work by so doing – so they are merely tools used by treasonous carpetbagger employers and culture destroyers as well as disease and crime vectors – EG they are NO benefit at all to the Common Majority Citizen.

The reality that PC and the equality cult does not permit us to discuss is that different groups (races) of people have different inherent abilities and some just cannot build anything like a First World Nation and in fact when they come to one they ruin it in short order … that is why all minority areas in the First World resemble the Third World.  And the more of them we import the more Our Nation will resemble their failed states. The more our culture will retrograde to meet their savagery in the middle to the end that our once High Culture will become Cannibal Congo Cargo Cult Culture.

Thus legal or illegal, if you flood the land with barbarian alien foreigners, you destroy the unique identity, mores and values of the People. And that is what 'diversity' is by any other name Destruction! Mass Immigration of Diversity has  caused the State to become alien to the People, which allows the State ( Government) to be free of the People and try to Crush the Nation ( the peoples power as Sovereign) rather than being its good servant. Thus mass immigration legal or illegal is a means to subvert our nation and destroy our unique identity,  the 'benefits' are imaginary and fraudulent, the cost permanent. 

Any Questions?

 Any Questions Now?

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