Tuesday, December 2, 2014

RE: Replacing the Failed American Constitutional Syste...

News and Views: Replacing the Failed American Constitutional Syste...:

I simply will not play around about it:

The Constitution has Failed.

Its failure is inherent in the false concepts that underlie the logic of the document. “Equality” is rationalist pap, it has about as much empirical reality as do Chinese river spirits.

The constitution failed because of the 'egalitarianism' inherent in it.This was applied in turn to minorities, females, children, illegal aliens, and soon perhaps space aliens– Each stage marking a decline into the Morass of Modernity. This is all contained ironically in a phrase not in the Constitution itself and Not Legally Binding at all: All Men are Created Equal!

This ill chosen and poorly supported phrase allows for 'equality' to be applied universally – ALL MEN are equal – this is false and is a Failure, as it makes Good equal to Worthless People! It allows for the nonsense idea that 'rights' are inherent and NOT earned by Merit and Duty to the Polity – this allowed for the subversion of our Nation – that is a further failure! Further it placed ideals above the People – legalistic nonsense about the Folk and Nation – and that is its worst failure as it has justified our replacement in the name of 'progress' and 'growth'!

These primary failures allowed 'minorities' to vote based on their 'universal' 'rights' – and this allowed subversion – that is a failure as they have subverted our way of Life and are set to take power from us in our Own Lands!

This Failure has been expanded applied to Gender, and Parental Power which has undermined the Natural roles and Nuclear Family – this is a failure, as our People have no base upon which to organize if the very family is destroyed.

This has allowed for Fathers to be unlawfully subverted by the combined voting power of the Women and Child – who now rule – and this too is a failure as there is ONLY one natural right and correct way, and that is Patriarchy.

The above has also allowed the parasite to outvote the productive. It is bad policy on every level – but it is NOT unconstitutional! – and that is Failure Squared!

Then the insanity went so far to to allow 'rights' to Illegal Invaders – and this too is a failure –as it shows that the Constitution will do NOTHING to save our Nation from the Brown Invasion being waged against us from the South and the Asian Annexation taking place right in front of our eyes!

The Failure has went so far as to allow HOMOSEXUAL DEVIANTS to play house in equal terms with Lawful and Rightful Marriage – this is total failure.

Do I really need to go on? Looters equal to Lawful … It is madness … And all of that is based upon the Odious and Quite Patently False – All men are created equal.

The Solution: Gather men from Rural Red State Areas, and Conservative Working Class Urban Areas, and have a Convention to Establish Better More Functional Government Based upon Reality Not Egalitarian Fantasy.

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