Tuesday, December 30, 2014

WHITE PRIVILEGE ... No such device exists.

People, as most of you well know, there is an utterly insane idea called WHITE PRIVILEGE floating about among left wingnut academics, the media and all those who favor PC. Basically it alleges that all whites had it good because of white skin at the expense of minorities, homosexuals and 'diversity' ( yes they think we historically oppressed a noun ... correct. )... Back it dem days Life was one big utopia for the WHITE MAN before PC set the minorities free, who did all the hard labor the White Man being a Lazy useless lump and lay about ... that is not what they say but it is exactly what they believe. It is always dressed up in the terminology of class and gender 'struggle' but in the end the long and short is that from top to bottom WHITES had it easy: To put it simply the photographic record proves that WHITES built about 99.9999% of everything we have in our Nations by our Own Labors and that in fact MOST Whites had it worse than the Minorities lazing about on welfare today. Now do you believe PC or your own lying eyes? Look at the 'lay abouts' and judge for yourself:
Some easy and totally non back breaking farm labor ... Privilege or Privation you decide. Could have had the oppressed do it but what the hay?

Oh and look, nothing like some EASY potato farming for the tikes.
And these little guys sure look to have done big things with their cut of the Privilege.

Could have been Lazy about Minorities but went with Privilege instead.
And look even the ladies are joining in the ranks of the privileged ... Hum stay at home femenist or finger in a machine ... Must be privilege again!
 These blokes are so privileged that they had to riot to be able to get into a hole filled with cancerous dust in order to starve at home among their meager belongings!
You know you are privileged when you have to riot for the privilege of mining Coal!
Note the privilege of leaning on the wall as one starves slowly on a substandard diet.

So to recap: White Privilege is a Load of Bullocks invented by Subversives that Want what White People Worked to Build!  They work upon the LACK of IQ among the general population preying particularly upon the fact that most Whites are totally ignorant of History. Knowing your real history, is the key to defeating the lies of PC and Multicult.

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