Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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News and Views: Replacing the Failed American Constitutional Syste...:

The most absurd Patriotard Nonsense Ever:

The American Government is the most
superior form of governance ever established!

Except for these little flaws:

0.) Primary Flaw – Assumes Universal 'humanity' exists as a real category and that said category has 'rights' that predate the state. This is false nonsense. 'Humanity' is a verbal construct and nothing more.
'Rights' 'law' and the rest do not exist at ALL in nature.  Men create law by enforcing order based upon their customs and mores.  Rights are purely a function of duty performed under law with in a civil polity and they are fully conditional to the continued performance of ones duty and they apply ONLY to Full Male Citizens; other being partial citizens and having legal protection under the aegis of the Father who will act in their stead in all mater extra-familial particularly economically and legally. Nor does 'equality' have any thing to do with it, some are better at this or that and some will rule while others are ruled: That is natures law for the preservation of the Kind. There are two unequal types within the kind and their functions are NOT the same. No 'nation of one' ever existed in nature, only groups that breed, and naturally expand into larger groups. It is not a choice as one is simply born into a group and assumes the mantle.

This rightly assumes that groups and NOT individuals are the primary unit.  That families of Father-Mother-Child in that order of Authority and responsibility are the norm.  This is what is rejected by the idiotic ideal that we are all magically 'equal' by birth … that leads to:

1.) It assumes colored and minority persons as citizens and allowed for slavery of coloreds, as well as debt bondage ( indentured servitude ) of Whites. That was then, and now it assumes mass immigration in the name of diversity – means death – growth – means less for more of us – and progress – which means importing backwards savages and pretending that 'enriches' one culturally.  From Noble Negroes to 'our' boat people of last century to the 'we just can't deport' them Mexicans of today its the same old song and dance.

2.) It gave more voting power to slave owners than to free whites who did not own slaves. These then used that power to have it over the non-slave-owners much like the 'wealth creators' lord it over the 'normals' today. Nothing changes only the names for the players in the game.

3.) It is weak and that allowed for the merchants and money lenders to have their way to the from the start until now: Corruption, Bribery, Favoritism and Nepotism are the rule rather than the exception. The power vacuum left by the divided powers and federated county state federal divide at the legal and administrative level, allowed for this. All totally constitutionally I might add.

4.) It is divided against itself and always does everything the most inefficient way – from governing to goodwill a divided house cannot get it done well, or effectively. It never was good at anything. One had to rely upon oneself as even if the early government had wanted to help, its assinine rules would muff any attempt to actually do so in reality! This flaw still shines brightly as we yearly elect X percent to do things and Y percent to stop them – imagine a Business that Had X percent working for the goal, and Y percent on payroll to stop them and you have the 'two party system' in all its absurdity.

5.)This internal weakness has allowed for the subversion of the home and the overthrow of the father as well as the overthrow of the majority Americans by the minorities, homosexuals, femenists and other subversives on the pay roll of the Wall Street Money Bags. All perfectly 'constitutional'.


6.) This weakness has allowed for our government to be openly bought and used to act as enforcer for world wide Anti-American business interests, whose only connection to America is an office in Jew York. This is the weakness that will in end ensure we end up like the UK. Broke and Second Rate!

But yes other than all the above we are the most super superior nation on Earth, so much better than those horrible nations like Denmark, Switzerland or Iceland. Yes they would truly benefit from our exact model! Yuppers!

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