Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Nation is our Salvation!

They are really this clueless! 

I love the Nets. It is the only place in all of reality were one can vote for the GOP after they fund an amnesty to stop an amnesty! Yes I was told that today! If we don't vote GOP ( the guys that just funded Obama's executive amnesty that GOP ) then I will be supporting an amnesty! Seems that horse has bolted!

They are going to legalize the illegals by default. But the pones will blame it on Obama.  The GOP will look bad over all; However Ted and Sarah are GRANDSTANDING so that they can get into office ( remember how loyal we were to you they will say -- rolls eyes) and then they will attempt to whammy us with MASS LEGAL immigration ( Ted is an immigrant that wants up to 5x times more H1B Visas and twice the Green Cards and Sarah will do what ever the $$$ tell her dumb ass to do)

Then the $$$ Power will seal the deal by switching it up and 'making the reasonable' compromises that equal American Majority Sold into Minority Status in our Own Land by their own False Prophets!

Watch! The only reason the masses feel free to criticize the colored hordes is because they are illegal but if they are legal ...

They mean to replace us with OUTLANDERS, to exile us in our own lands – legal or illegal what does it matter to US? And any normal sensible people will not welcome such a thing for any reason at all: Period. Only those that have NO sense of their worth would just roll over and accept such a thing.

How are the moral cowards who are too afraid to voice the real reason for their rejection of immigration, diversity, the ghetto culture, tolerance of barbarity, and the rest of PC's insanity,  going to object openly?

They need an unashamed deeply held concept of NATION( People not Country) as living organic being made up of similar people living in the same land under the same costumes, laws, mores, sharing a world view, and having similar dreams.Working in some sense together for commonly held ends as at least spiritually ONE entity. Just like a body with thousands of cells but one purpose.

Of the Nation being a family of families based upon long standing ties of blood, relation, custom, decent and frankly commonality. The Nation as set piece that has its own ways and means and within which we all find our way in life.

The Common Person needs to understand again that caring about your people IE those like yourself above nonsense ideologies about equality with apes is perfectly okay and absolutely normal.

They need in their hearts a rebirth of the concept Nation as an Organic Whole, as a living being with a destiny, who demands duty, loyalty and service from its Sons and promises freedom, livelihoods and a future to the Families of those Sons.

The Majority American People need this concept once again upon to base their objections to ALL mass immigration of any kind! They need it as the Rule by which to judge any action forced upon us by the Elite! They need to take the Old Roman Law to Heart: The Good ( well-being) of the People is the Highest Law.

Mass Immigration Legal or otherwise, is a means to dilute, weaken and enfeeble the Majority People. The goal in both cases is to replace the People—Our Nation of People – with another that works cheap and is more servile to the interests of Big Money and PC Egalitarian gibberish.
They need this idea so that when the elite say," Well your replacements have arrived ..."

The Nation can respond openly and proudly: "We are a Nation. Proud of our decent. Aware of our unique value, and who will be keeping our Land. You can house and feed your scabs, we are keeping our jobs, resources and National heritage IE our Lands!

In Short Traitors: We the Majority Americans are not accepting New Applications at this time.  This is our land, it will remain that way, and any attempt to change that is not welcome at all. We shall change it back to Mono-cultural and nearly mono-ethnic just like you tried to change it to a diverse sewer and us into a minority without power in our own lands. Thanks But NO Thanks we will keep our Majority Status If You Please. “

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