Saturday, January 31, 2015

A nation is a home -- would you let illegals invade your home?

A nation is a home. Would it be 'racist' to insist that people only enter your home upon your rules and only stay upon your terms?

Then why should we cower before illegal immigrants just because they say 'racist' at us?
It is OUR nation and they have NO right to be here against OUR will, using our nation as a flop house slash charity. So in effect they are calling us racist for complaining about being their doormat and paying their way.

And to our shame largely we suck this up like cowards.

Repeat after me: It is not racist to prefer your own kind, your own family, your own ways and your own values over those of invaders trying to force themselves upon you. It is perfectly normal to want to EXCLUDE others from your Homes who do not belong and who cause problems for you and yours.

And to put to bed the nonsense 'legal - illegal' evasion:

Legal ... Illegal ... Nope it is 100% about One is like the Others and One Does not Belong, because We say so and that is that.

We are full and are not taking new lodgers at this time! It is about Our House, Our Rules, Our Way, or Hit the Highway!

And we don't have to answer to anyone for that because this land is OURS not theirs. This land they are invading is our home. This is OURS: Period. We don't have to back peddle or explain, or simper or care about your concerns one little bit.

And that is the long and short of it: It is about WE proper born citizens want our land and we are tired of subversives from inside our own gate trying to sell it our from under US to the lowest third world bidder. We want OUR land full of OUR people, who will carry on our traditions and ways, not full of low paid labor for Walmart.

We want our land to ourselves, for ourselves by ourselves to give to those like ourselves that will carry on the chain of those like ourselves.

So let us stop being cowards and hiding behind legal and illegal when it is about being over ran by a foreign alien horde of barbarians in our own lands, plain and simple. It is about defending our way of life, our lands, and our right to our way of life and lands. It is about US remaining US. We are not a club you get to join by paying immigration fines. We are not a source of profits or growth. We are a living organic People with a destiny, an history and a will to be free from this Multicultural Prison Camp Society.


  1. The Egalitarian Left AND the Country Club Right are the true enemy it is NOT a case of either/or, but of BOTH pairing up to have turns at you. Mass Immigration is just one of many assaults happening all along the line of Culture and Kind.

    The Left will call you names and the Right will promise you pennies it never intends to deliver but they both are working full time to force you into accepting their plan to balkanize you in your own nation. That is to say it plain the plan of the Elite ( $ ) who control both the (D) and (R) is to rapidly make Majority Americans a at most plurality but more likely a absolute minority on purpose in America. They will then flood our living quarters with 'Die Versity' ( section 8 and 'minority set asides' will be the means here) to ensure Americans have no effective voting power and are trapped being the whipping boy and tax slave to the system, which sold you out to 'diversity' and mammon in equal measures. So the left gets its 'egalitarian' paradise kept in place by an invasive police state, and the right gets its slave labor camp kept in check by the slaves snitching on each other and the police state, and the Elite get POWER. Never let the enemy frame your thinking!

    Never let the Enemy frame the debate. They try to spin it around in every way possible but : It is about defending our way of life, our lands, and our right to our way of life and lands. It is about US remaining US in OUR lands.

  2. So simple I had never thought of it this way. Homeland is home. lol! Thanks.