Thursday, January 22, 2015

Far Right 'nationalism' -- the netz based variety -- The Problem is with YOU.

When Nationalist are more concerned about gibberish than the Nation and the People who make up the Nation can it be any wonder they Fail? And Fail over and over and over?  For more straight to it talk from an adult:
Now If you are tired of failing; TRY new tactics and methods.  

A suggested outline for more successful cadre work among the masses:

Zero: Have a clear understanding of WHO is Inside the Circle and who is out; discuss the interests of the IN group and focus on them; discuss out groups ONLY as they are related to In group interests.

First: Leave the Nets. 

Second: Recruit LIVING PEOPLE from the surrounds. 

Third: Organize them and account for your money and skills. 

Fourth: Use Skills and money to HELP the Local Community by building wealth, ensuring safety and generally doing GOOD WORKS as SOP. 

Fifth: Become real nationalist based on a living People who are your base as you are their voice. 

Sixth: Make History.  

Or stay on the Nets complaining about how Big Mommy PC won't let you be real Nationalists ... Either Way.


  1. How can you help Whites without talking about {WNist nonsense deleted from this broadcast}?

    1. By First off getting the minds of the National Minded White Males right so that THEY can perform their proper role in society. The rest will 'reset' itself by default if this ONE thing comes to pass!

    2. As a White Nationalist I am { Deleted, Censored, And not able to use MY Perch to take your dump.} Poor Man Wins here; WNism not so much.

    3. Pay attention Netz Nationalists ... You will be shut down and your objections will not make the light of day except to be objects of MOCKING. You clowns have made a mess of things for JUST about long enough ... Time for the Adults to reassert order.

    4. A proud 88 NationalistFebruary 21, 2015 at 10:51 AM

      This is what you get when you support liberalism.

    5. Dumb one is so silly he thinks I am a liberal ... LOL! I allowed these through to have a good laugh and to show NORMAL people that they are NOT alone in rejecting BOTH the Costume Clowns and the PC brown-red-yellow Cake Mix people.