Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reply to GOP PC Way Travelers

Racism, is a BS word used by the ELITE and PC fanatics ( who work as ONE  team against the Nations who they are sucking dry and killing off with mass immigration and enforced diversity!) to keep the Majority from Uniting for own group interests! It is the exact same as the Kings Men calling the Colonists 'rebels' and 'a rabble' it is meant to demoralize and demean them in the eyes of the common person. But I seem to recall a certain Rabble banded together and beat the King as We the Majority shall band together and defeat PC and Diversity and keep our lands, laws, way of life! Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our Unique Identity!

The time of the Shaming Words Power is coming to an end; the Time of the United Majority is upon us!

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