Sunday, January 4, 2015

United as One Nation

The keys to stopping political correctness are: speaking out against it and encouraging others to rejecting its communist inspired egalitarian mamma jamba; and, a united majority population; those are the two keys to ensuring PC is routed.

We have to awake from our slumber take notice of the late hour, and rage against going into the Perverse Light of PC!

We must UNITE behind our Majority, Our History, Our Families, Our Homes! We Must cease being a mere trading post country and become a proper united Nation with One People, One Culture, One Way of Life,and One United Majority Voice!

We state and believe:

A culture is the Soul and Mind of a Nation; A unique People its living Heart and Blood; A state the Peoples body and defense! We have one culture complete!  One heart which is our people! One body which is our state. All of this together makes one nation-- complete unto itself; unique and lacking in naught – We are United as one nation!

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