Monday, January 12, 2015

The Days are Numbered for PC and Multicult!

Unite for your Majority! United as One Nation!

Folks if you're a majority citizen, in what is soon to be the former United States of America, then my friends, I would advise highly, thinking about your future outside of the political system.

Now friends, I know that the government hasn't changed openly.  But we all know that it is not the same creature, that was even so recently as under Nixon or even Carter.  It is alien and foreign to us the Rightful Majority – Openly Proclaiming it supports our becoming a purposeful minority in Own Own Lands! That's the truth.  Now lets get this out of the way: I’m not here to bash of one party or the other, the blame spreads equally.  Both parties, not unlike the pigs and the men at the end of animal farm, are playing cards at the table with each other. Gambling away our futures, grubbing our money while bowing low to their Masters on Wall Street and In London! Doing anything but ruling from DC! Representing anyone but the majority people! They are responsible to internationalist over nationalist principles and loyal to foreigners over the Majority People who are the Real Nation called 'America' and No others!

For us Working and Middle Class majority citizens it is time to face the fact: The program called 'the two party system' is defunct! It ( the system both the Dems and GOP ) represent: Big Money, PC, Internationalism, Cronyism and Nepotism, NOT Free Exchange, Tradition, Nation, Merit, and Justice.  Thus, Anyone who talks about the GOP this or the democrats that, I say please wake up, thank you. They are ALL WWF style actors. In the end the Majority is forgotten and Big-Money and Political Correctness Triumph on the Hill; daily! In a million ways! And the triumph of these two is the implicit victory of internationalist principles over Nationalist principles of governance.

Therefore both of the Parties are, to judge by their actions not words, nothing more than greater or lesser subsidiaries of those two listed 'Real Powers' -- joint stock ventures owned by the elite to maximize profits from us Majority Folks. Between them they have driven the majority, traditional, Western, heartland, citizen in America, to a status of dependence (off shored jobs, farm and home foreclosures, and 'market unrest'), upon a market, an elite, and a government, which is dedicated, to an egalitarian Red Diaper Baby ideology, called "political correctness" which by means of mass immigration of third world low value added hordes, enforced tolerance(your toleration of PC's pets lowering your quality of life), and diversity(lower paid alien hordes), open proclaims its intent to destroy that majority population's unique identity, flood our lands with alien foreign hordes, debase our culture by eradicating; up end the family; and most insulting of all, force Us all to pay for this 'benefit' while we are called names like racist for not wanting the benefits, we have had foisted upon us!

The reality is, that by the machinations PC and the Money Bags (the two powers behind the American throne we are not suppose to question... 'Equality, Tolerance and Diversity' and the Holy Market. ) Control the parties utterly from top to bottom, and almost to the living room level if you factor in the media.

The media and academic allies of this great plot against Civilization, label anyone that speaks out against any of its dogmas as a hater, a racist, a xenophobic racist hate filled Not-See even, but that's all smoke and fluff. 

It is exactly identical to a virus telling the healthy cell is the invading, that the cell is hateful for rejecting the virus. 

For the healthy cell like a healthy people,a healthy culture, a healthy society wishes to reproduce itself as itself like itself. 

PC on the other hand wishes for the western world to produce copies of communist inspired egalitarian third world multicultural cesspits and not of itself proper and orderly. It is thus exactly analogous to a social and ideological virus. 

The politically correct will label me a hate filled not-see or whatever they will, but those are merely shaming tactics descended from Freudian psychology
--which I reject in total, and so they matter not to me-- this shaming tactic is of course PC strongest weapon against the masses. 

It comes the undeniable fact that political correctness is in 100% firm control of academia, the media and more and more the political structure.

These facts being due to the deeper and seldom discussed fact that "political correctness" is in fact an alliance of the left wing communists and the scions of the banking industrialist robber barons of last century. 

Every single assertion made by Political Correctness is a Lie and is in Error. Diversity is a weakness. Tolerance a vice. Multicult a shoddy production, not a shining example for 'humanity'. Equality is a bad joke, that means 'equal to dirt'.

PC took over our institutions with the intent of purpose of destroying the majority people's authority in Our Own Homelands – and creating of them a Minority among many many other minorities, in their own lands – so that those elitist and their leftist and right scallywag carpetbagger Allies (the clowns with D and R after their names those scallywags and carpetbaggers) can have it their own way. Thus it is both inherently opportunists and subversive. Being perfectly willing, to make treason pay big, and to pay big for treason, at turns.

Political correctness has been instituted to: destroy our identity; shame Us into accepting own denigration in our homelands; to divide and destroy the family; to 'remake' The People into consumerist persons; break the People down morally in a thousand subtle ways and divide us meaninglessly endlessly and uselessly politically. This all is done to in making us weak and ensuring that the virus of political correctness infects Our citizen body and Our very souls, as Our Pantries, Closest and Pockets are picked clean!

The keys to stopping political correctness are: speaking out against it and encouraging others to rejecting its communist inspired egalitarian mamma jamba; and, a united majority population; those are the two keys to ensuring PC is routed.

We have to awake from our slumber take notice of the late hour, and rage against going into the Perverse Light of PC!

We must UNITE behind our Majority, Our History, Our Families, Our Homes! We must unite around all that we hold dear. And we must speak up to defend that which we Love and Treasure. We must recall what it is to be a Proper People Unitary, Whole Complete and Strong!

We Must cease being a mere trading post country and become a proper united Nation with One People, One Culture, One Way of Life, and One United Majority Voice!

We must and shall become a united majority population that is not afraid to say," we Choose ourselves and reject PC. We reject diversity and becoming a minority in our own lands! We reject anyone and anything that tried to bring this result upon US!

We choose to remain one people in one land under one Law, with one way of life, living by the light of one culture united as one nation!

We state and believe:

A culture is the Soul and Mind of a Nation; A unique People its living Heart and Blood; A state the Peoples body and defense! We have one culture complete!  One heart which is our people! One body which is our state!  We are complete unto ourselves; unique and lacking in naught – We are United as one nation!

Once THE (not 'a' but THE) Majority People United in defense of their homes, futures and Majority, take to the streets, with chants like this in our hearts and on their minds: the days of PC numbered.

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