Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PC is Communism

PC is descended from Anarchist Communism ( Bukharin) mixed with evolutionary communism ( Kautsky, Gramsci, Ardorno), feminism (itself the product of Engels mind almost entirely), and Frauds prattle. It is based upon materialism, atheism, and Darwinism. It accepts the dialect. It fully views the world as 'oppressed' and 'oppressors' just like ALL true Marxism. Lastly it is 100% international. Therefore it is as fully 'Communism' and 'Marxism' as Soviet Communism or Maoism.

PC infiltrated the West by way of the 'social sciences',hiding its subversion until its minions were entrenched in the top. Since that time (1964-68 ) it has slowly spread out into journalism, mass television media, both parties, and the bureaucracy at all levels. It seeks to control our actions by controlling our thoughts about acting! Thought-action being one to the Main Line Communists.

The Last notable group similar to Political Correctness to exercise unrestrained power was the Khmer Rouge … those guys made bones of HALF a population. Others worked with the Maoists and Soviets to stack up landlords and Kulaks. Still others ran around the Ukraine and Germany in 1920 killing people. Hungry .. Paris commune ... get the point?

They are all MURDEROUS to the bone having taken on Kropotkin's nonsense about reactionaries being biologically unfit for 'progress' IE that opponents need murdered so that 'progress' into 'socialism' can happen. This is it, should be noted, a fully developed branch of old mainline communism and will do just exactly as the Soviets if allowed the opportunity.

Thus one can only conclude that given time PC's internal and external similarities to Anarchist Communists and Main Line Communists else where, that one day SOON PC will call for Diversity and Tolerance IE its hordes of dupes and Imports to round on the Majority, and do to us as the Pigs did to the other Animals on Animals Farm -- PC good .... YT bad ... PC good. It will denounce all who will not cower and accept its lies as 'reactionaries who are slowing progress towards Equality(TM)' and will then go on a murder spree, loot YT, imprison him, 'reeducate' his young and reorder things to ensure YT is but a memory. Much like the Maoists and Soviets, not shockingly.

ALL communists only view 'coexistence' as a means to allow the 'dialectic' IE their plots, to bring them to power. PC is Communism, IE its coexistence with the Bankers and Money Elite in the USA is temporary. They are scorpions; don't be frogs.

Once PC has enough Power it will strike at Majority America and the West more generally. Look to the Soviet Union and that is EXACTLY what they will do if they are given the time to entrench against us. 

Undoing the Multicult and PC Requires that Majority Citizens in the West Speak Up in Defense of the Majorities hearts, homes, hearths,heirs, heritage, and history. Speak up about Our Common Interests, our unique identity and our pride in that identity.  Speak out to the fact that Mass Immigration PC is the end of that identity.  We must defend our Identity for from that ALL else about us that is unique, special and noteworthy flows. We must denounce PC for its attempts to weaken that identity as it attempts to subvert our nations under our feet.  If the minions of the Enemy call our acts 'hate', or make absurd claims about 'brown shirts', laugh in their face and continue speaking, since this means Folks that you are saying things they want silent!  Be Anything but Silent. Be Louder instead, Speak out and say,

”WE reject Mass Immigration, and the rest of the shoddy show that is the Modern PC rainbow 'new' America. We do not feel enriched at all. We are in fact poorer because of PC. It is NOT acceptable. It is not what we wish to leave to our children and heirs. It is not what we received from our ancestors but a doppelganger. We reject the idea that we the majority must sit back like pandas while our lands are overran by hordes from the third world. While our homelands are handed over to others. Our traditions down trodden. Our Values openly mocked on our own streets. Our young taught to hate and reject their past. Our Men emasculated into eunuchs who have NO will to do their duty in defense of the Folk. This ensures our women, and children are endangered. And as such Our Entire Future is endangered.”

We must Unite as One Nation, based on One People, in One Land, under One Law, One Way of Life, lived by the Lights of One Culture: United as One Nation. United PC is no threat; United We are strong and Our National Popular Will has meaning; United We keep our Land, Law,Culture, Way of Life for Our Children and their children, who will give it to theirs, and so on unto the end. United We Keep all that is near and dear to Our Hearts. United as One Nation!

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