Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Infection Runs Deep ...

Political correctness, has infected our society so deep, that vast sections of the GOP ( Nominal Right Wing) accept its tenets, almost without question.

They deny the role of People in history, and exalt the lie of the individual, which so conveniently, runs hand in glove with their economic interests. 

They deny the existence of organic people who come from a first mother and first father, needing to deny the the existence of such people, to justify the importation, of foreigners, who are used, by said GOP scalawags and Democrat carpetbaggers to undercut the organic people of the nation.

These profiteers who live in our nation but who are in fact our enemies, do all in their power to ensure that the majority of the nation, cannot unite against them, by denying the Majority any unique place or purpose and perpetually attempting to demoralize them with 'equality'.

To this end they have made common cause with the left wing communists, and embraced the ideology known as egalitarianism, which is nothing more than the communist denial of nations, people, traditions and heritage, under new verbiage.  It is the same old materialist nonsense. 

It is the same belief system, whereby individuals are merely interchangeable parts and we're all the same.  It is in fact, a full court press against the majority citizens of the United States of America, jointly undertaken by the left and the right funded by the big money bag internationalists, with the express stated intended purpose of undermining our majority, undermining our authority, undermining our way of life, and thus ending our unique identity by importing third world barbarians to play off against us in our own lands and thus weaken us enough to ensure the Traitors can Rule us while they destroy all we hold dear!

Therefore all majority citizens who wish to keep your majority.  Who wish to keep your traditions.  Wish to keep your authority over your own lands.  Who wish for your children to inherit the lands your fathers gave to you.  Who wish for your homes to be secure against diversity and it's riots outrages and rampages.  Who wish for your jobs to be secured from the world's third world scabs and wage breakers.  Who wish for your lands to remain yours and for you to remain in control of your future:

Leave the false parties, the false labels, the phoney media promoted 'leaders' which are all funded by the plutocrats. 

Unite as one majority American people, reject political correctness in all its forms, rejecting enforced diversity and tolerance, reject multiculturalism, but most of all it is time to denounce  the false parties and the moneybags that sit behind them.  It is time to denounce the media, the academia, and the so called consensus, that allows for this treasonous farce of a government to continue to operate in front of us.

It is time to say,"We don't want any more immigration legal or illegal, since we already have too many citizens without jobs, and frankly don't want to be 'enriched' any further by poverty."

It is time to say,"We categorically reject importing third world people, sense when we import them we will import their third world culture with them, and that is utterly unacceptable to us."

It is time for us to say,"We don't have to explain to anyone why it is unacceptable to us Our saying it is enough."

It is time for us the majority American citizens to remember that we are Sovereign here and no other, and it's time for us to tell anyone who doesn't like that Fact that it is long past time for them to leave our lands; now quickly without looking back.

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  1. I am told that burning out such deep infections used to be the way of things.