Saturday, March 28, 2015

What to do with the Gated Community Yuppies And Other Caviar Egalitarians?

 Oh what a web we weave, when we set out to Deceive.

The egalitarian's purported world view is based upon the idea that  all People are only individuals and all these are in some way equal.  The ranks of the 'Western Elite' who preach daily about the benefits of diversity, mass immigration and the enrichment of Multicultural society, nominally embrace this view of reality, nominally and as a political expedient.  They brow beat any of the common caste worker bees that might object to 'Diversity' and insist all of us MUST benefit from Multiculture. But, folks, verily, like many false teachers they teach one thing in public and carry on along different lines in private.

If one is observant on will notice that these same people so seldom choose to be enriched by diversity or to tolerate the behavior and cultures of minorities when they have a choice in places to live, work, learn, and rear children. They avoid at all costs traveling through much less residing in 'diverse' and 'vibrant' areas. Truth be told they seem to gravitate to the Majority Straight White Areas, or they tend to live in gated communities with a minimal amount of 'diversity' or 'vibrancy'. 

Keeping in mind that these vicious hypocrites are the same people, who push the hardest for mass immigration, multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity.  And in fact keep up the pretense so far as to enforce it by legal mechanisms on the lower classes of people in western society.  This two face morality is par for the course among their moralizing snobby caviar socialist kind.  Keeping all this in mind.

We, the Working and Middle Class Majority therefore challenge the Yuppy Gated Community Egalitarians to walk the diversity and equality walk by moving themselves into the poorest, most enriching, least majority, most minority area they can find, and tolerating the vibrant behaviors of the local diversity.  

We Challenge them,  to leave the gated community behind and become Enriched(tm), Diverse(R), and White-Guilt-Free(patent pending).  

We Challenge them to place THEIR loved ones and property in the very schools and communities, they  would foist upon us Majority citizens and to tolerate it, while remembering their White Guilt, and embracing 'Diversity' as a strength.  

We challenge them to set up a professional practice or business venture there in among their equals and in that equally equally neighborhood .  

We challenge them to send their wife out shop in the local neighborhood on foot unescorted so she can 'become enriched' by the locals.  

And most of all We Challenge them to allow their children to be enriched local public schools, and to provide them with a chance to check their privilege.   

In Fine: We challenge them to embrace the strengths and enriching qualities of multiculturalism and minority communities, that they preach about without end. 

Or we demand they cease chicken-pecking the rest of us for rejecting the very same diversity they refuse to tolerate day to day themselves!

 Now we know this challenge will go unanswered except for with more cries of racism; however, we are baffled if all people are equal how can our proposal that you move amongst these equals be racist?

And of course the reason for this people, is quite simply because these yuppies know that their PC egalitarian rhetoric has no basis in fact, and that in fact poor minority peoples are dangerous, criminal, barbarians who nobody in their right mind moves next to willingly.

Oh they poo poo on us poor and middle class whites who are actually saying that these blacks are barbarians and that diversity is a short deal, but the very fact is the yuppies in the west are hypocritical liars, who believe the exact same in their heart of hearts.
It is telling that they revile us poor and working class whites who actually live next to diversity for wishing to be away from diversity and speaking out against political correctness, when they themselves live in areas with almost no diversity, where they have no need to tolerate multiculturalism or other barbarism. 

Their actions, which speak louder than any words, prove beyond any shadow of doubt, that they only wish to make us poor and working class whites live with diversity so that they can reap the benefits both material and moral. They are in fact a form of carpetbagger and the GOP are there scalawags, while the minorities are their hordes that are unleashed upon us to beat us into submission so that we can be more easily managed by the same Trash that fastidiously avoid being enriched!

 In short: These lying scum  do not care for 'diversity' any more than any or sane person. They simply wish to foist diversity upon us working and middle class people, so that they can have a moral perch from which to look down upon us, on the one hand, and use the chaos diversity causes as it mugs our persons, threatens our homes, and endangers our wives and children, as an excuse to pick our pockets clean.   

And I say: Sauce for the Goose is Sauce for the Gander and it is about time they got their full portion of Enrichment.  

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