Saturday, March 21, 2015

A little secret ...

* Looks around *

Here is Truth: The People Make the Place into a Homeland. Places do not make People.

The Majority people of the United States of America, made the United States of America.   We the living Majority People are America. Blood Draws to Blood. America is US and we are IT. 

Stated Plain: Diversity is NOT a strength; 'diversity' is not our equal at building up a great nation in any way what so ever; People build places; places do not build people.  This being so, Tolerating Diversity is irrational because diversity brings Poverty, Squalor, and Crime everywhere in the West it resides. 

Diversity, tolerance, 'equality' are all just commie buzz words that describe NO real world items or events when used in a praiseful manner, or that are used to cover up the True Nature of this Blight upon Our People, Nation and Culture.

Diversity is the Death of the First World, Tolerance is Timidity, Mass Immigration is an on going gang rape of our People, and Multiculture is NO Culture at all! All else is PC-Liberal-Commie Fantasy.

This is the cold stark reality of the matter. It cannot be undone by social programs or 'education' or any other human effort as it is part of hard wired biological fact. The fools can lie to themselves but some kinds are not equal to others at the task of building and maintaining a FIRST WORLD CIVILIZATION.

It matters WHO we import: First World People build First World Nations ... Barbarians build NOTHING worthy of being called a 'nation'.

Accordingly if political correctness, through mass immigration replaces the Majority First World American with Barbarians and makes them a minority among alien and competing hordes of barbarian minorities, it will keep the shell, the forms of America, but all of its life, substance, vitality, and greatness will be gone.

What one will in fact have is Detroit, Camden or Gary Indiana writ large, and frankly an example of a once great people going mad and building up their own funeral pyre. 

Thus, America will become, Somalia if enough of those primitive backward persons are imported into the Midwestern heartland.  It will cease to be a productive breadbasket and become a Fully Dysfunctional Basket-case, there is no doubt about this.  Reason?

Because, unequivocally: The People Build the Place in their own image.

Therefore: Somalians will rebuild SOMALIA not Sweden.

Simple really. No equality about it. 

'Who' is the paramount question of history.

Any rational person must see that the obvious and foreseeable result of importing third world barbarians will be third world feuds, violence, savagery and over all barbarism here, not a 'richer' America but a degenerate backwards third world state, here in what once was the former USA.  If one conceptualizes Northern Ireland or say 'The 40 years Wars' you are onto the truth of what this curse will be like. This is our slated future if the PC Diversity Mass Immigration Tolerance Horde get their way ...

If …

Now ...

Unless you fancy the idea of being overran by a horde of barbarians and giving up the Land Our Fathers Built, You must get your mind right and leave the Color Blind Plantation that keeps you tied to PC. 

You must reject the false and embrace the True.

Say the Following:

We reject the false notion that Humans are mere economic beings. We affirm that natural human societies form from families and are thus built upon the duties and rights of the members of those families – or put differently, Society exists so that families can produce living offspring that will be 'Society' in the future.

We reject the liberal-PC-anarchist (communist) ideal of individuals with no loyalty, duty, and no higher morality than mere pleasure or material gain.  We affirm that man finds his highest expression when he does his duty to those he owes loyalty to and when those in return do their duty to him. Duty and loyalty are the basis for all rights, not happiness, not material gain.

We affirm that We have a Unique Identity based upon Our Majority ruling this Land and that We value this identity, Majority and Land. We therefore reject the idea that we are just one among many that should 'share' this land, or that we have no right to Our Land and Our Majority.

Having affirmed the above:

We must Unite Behind Our Identity, Our Majority and Our History!

We must unite, behind our rightful Majority; we must reject becoming a purposeful minority in our own lands; we must rally behind our Identity proudly. 

We must unite around those things we love! 

We we must loudly proclaim that we object to our families, homes, communities being trampled, downgraded, and destroyed by barbarian out-landers.

 We must and we shall unite around Our hearths, heritage, history!

We shall unite around our people, and our unique identity! 

We shall unite behind Our hearths, our homes, our heritage, our history, our homeland. 

We shall unite as One nation. 

We shall unite.

We. Shall. Unite.
Say. It.  

We. Shall. Unite.

We shall Stop PC from Displacing Us.

We shall stop PC from destroying our identity. 

We shall put an end to its aiming to subvert and harm us while degrading us in our own homelands. 

We shall put an end to its attempts to divide and destroy the family, confuse the genders, as well as stop its attempts to poison our youths minds by means of indoctrination fronting as education. 
We shall stop cold its attempts to break down our people morally spiritually, ethically, and destroy their false system of thought, replacing it with a morally sound ethic that is in line with OUR values, and that serves Our ends.

We shall unite as One Strong Whole Majority and push aside their false 'two party' binary, as we can surely do better.  

We shall do this. Us united as One majority.  We affirm, Our Minimum Demands to Be:

One people in One land under One law with One way of life living by the lights of One culture!  Unitary!  Strong!  Whole!  One!  United as One Nation!

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