Monday, March 9, 2015

Where will they go?

Once a normal mono-cultural mono-ethnic patriarchal society lost its mind.  Slowly in stages, this society went over to Matriarchy, egalitarianism and what they called 'beehivism'. *

They thereupon threw the vast majority of the  men out of first the home and family, then the jobs, and then Urban society all together.
The motto was,"So the Bee thus We!"

This resulted in an Urban society based on rewarding the 'bees', which society was just barely able to function -- ironically because of the few men the women refused to make leave.

These new drones and sperm donors labored even harder, to maintain civilization than before society had lost its mind, since each had more of a work load and more demands placed upon his limited time.   Their lot was to labor, be laughed at, and when they were of no more use to the Hive to be left out exposed like a left over lump of dung. **

*Ends Really Really Badly as somethings are NOT options Folks.*

** Going to the rural areas was simply not a 'mental option' for the Queens or drones as they has written that off long before, thinking their little concrete box was the universe. **

Meanwhile the normal men, rather than rolling up and dying off as the Queen Bees of PC had intended, instead banded together, trekked back into the rural towns and villages, made do,pooled their resources and rebuilt in the rural lands by way of hard work and making what they needed from what they could have as men have done for millennia.  They simply pooled capital and labors to produce wealth from raw materials.

These Normals by the normal human interactions  attracted the non lesbian reality starved mother-housewife worthy elements from the insane pseudo society. And so these normal folks were able to form a COMMUNITY  which was able to survive and thrive, based on the Natural division of Male and Female labors to ensure maximal offspring survived birth to be reared.

In short these Normals simply formed a society outside of the urban society.  They went to the rural 'sewers' and there simple lived while they avoided contact with and did not openly strive with the Urban fantasy based society they simply lived, bred, and built solid communities in the areas the urban society had already forgotten about or did not concern itself with and let time do its magic upon the fantasy based 'beehive' project.

While the pseudo society eight its own guts in the urban areas the Grown of Normal Communities based on the mass of Tossed Men went on in the rural areas very little noticed by the urbanites. 

There the many communities of outcasts, here and there laid to ground, and quietly lived their lives like normal people.  There in the bosom of nature and its supply of raw materials that the rural areas provided, they produced food and clothing and generally produced those things they needed. 

And as by magic the one society based on reality grew stronger, while the other based on fantasy declined.   

The one with a foundation in rural nature and its supply of raw materials, that one grew strong.

There in the rural lands these outcasts of the Queen Wo-child urban psuedo society bred like rabbits, counting their children more dear to them than any of the trinkets the urban people so favored over all other things.  And thus outlasted and wore down the urban society that hated them and their ways.
From this rural vantage point, from there, they watched as urban society devoured itself, from the inside.   And from their based on their own hard work they outlived the unstable pseudo society that had cast them out, and moved into the rubble to rebuild.

The End-The Beginning.

 ( Feminism must be smashed FIRST; Then Egalitarianism-Diversity-Tolerance; Mass Immigration; then All the rest of the Rotten Lot that is PC and Modernity. Thus Restoring Sanity and Order to Our Homes, Lands, Identity, and Lives.  Do Not be a drone; Be Normal.)

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